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Aug 28, 2016
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I have an old storm door that I will be replacing in maybe 18 months and don't want to spend a lot of money on finding a screen frame that will fit it in the meantime.

This is going to be a "good enough for now" kind of thing. I found this screen frame replacement kit on Amazon

The storm door opening that I want to place a screen frame into is about 27"x29". The previous owner was a "use what I have laying around the house" kind of guy so the frame in there now seems to be from a glass frame for a storm door, meaning it does not have the grove so I can use my screen replacement kit (does not have the groove to seat the rubber spline in it with my tool). Believe it or not he used rivets to secure the screen to the frame. The screen has ripped enough now for my cat to get out.

I can replace a screen in a frame with what I have (screen, spline and tool) but like I said this frame that is in there now does not have the groove in it.

Will the above link give me what I need to make my own frame? If not can someone please provide a link for the proper screen frame that I should get. I would prefer a link from Amazon instead of anywhere else as I am sure I will end up having to pay for shipping then. This replacement I would think that I have to cut the frame sections (with a hacksaw) to size for each of the four sections?

Also the sizing in the screen frame listing title confuses me. The thickness seems to need to be 5/16" to fit in the door properly and be anchored by the screen clips.

I also included a picture of the present clips that are in it - missing most of them but the holes are there and the machine screw in the picture fits the holes I just don't know which clips to order from Amazon Here.

Assistance would be appreciated in providing a link to both the screen frame replacement kit and the proper clips to purchase on Amazon.

Thanks for your help!

Screen frame clip picture


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