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    Good day! Yes, the ShortCuts column is a little early for this issue as I want to remind all of you in the Northeast that the Greater Moncton Woodworking Show starts tomorrow. Now I realise that the economy is not what it should be but let's at least support the organizers of the show by attending. A whole bunch of people are involved in the production of a wood show and we woodworkers are the beneficiaries. See you in Moncton at the Agrena.
    We have a little fun with Noah and the Ark, my absolute last rant/rave about deli meat and a word or two about Delta's $10,000. giveaway.
    I don't know if snow has fallen where you are but it is a sure sign of Christmas and we have a great gift carving book for you. I envy those in warmer Australia.
    We also have a review of the super new table saw from Bosch, take a look!

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