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When do you read the owners manual on portable or bench top tools, not the ones that

  1. Immediately when opening the package?

  2. Later, after using it for a while?

  3. Much later when you run into a problem wiith the tool?

  4. Never?

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    Skil tools go back to the mid 20's and we give you a bit of their history as well as one of their latest innovative tools. We tell you about a woodworker that commands exceptionally high prices (think 7 figures) for his work and we take a look at a couple of other sharp tools as well.
    Let's take a poll that doesn't involve politics. Here's the scenario. You buy a new portable or bench-top tool (no assembly required), when do you read the owners manual?
    Immediately upon opening the package?
    Later, after playing and actually working with the tool?
    Way later after running into a problem with it?
    Rarely or never?
    Let me know, it could be interesting. I'll post the responses later.

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