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May 6, 2016
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Hi - I recently had a contractor do some drainage work and they had to cut the sidewalk to run the pipe to the curb. The new patch looks terrible. Should I just be patient and it will weather similar to surrounding or did they use the wrong type to match what is existing?

Any way to fix it now that it is done? Stain?

Thank you-


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Over time it will age to match better is my guess. If it is something that is bothering you I'm sure you could speed up the aging process with something to stain it. It might take some trial and error and maybe practice on something like a concrete paver.
#1, They could have gone under it. so there was no patching.
#2, By the looks Of it they used the wrong mix. it should have been buff.
#3, If you want it to look right that whole sidewalk would need to come out and be redone, it looks like it someone was trying to show three different samples to show different ways it could be done.
I agree with the above.
The old portion does not look like a natural color of concrete. Its dirty. Pressure wash the old stuff and it will be more uniform in color.
Thank you for the advice. Will pressure wash as a first step.
Personally, I'd sprinkle dirt on the new section, wet it, and let it sit for a day or two, then hose off. Dirt has dyes in it and it will match much better than pressure washing