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Dec 28, 2008
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Not sure this is the right place but couldn't find a section on electric motors. I have a small tabletop water fountain that runs on batteries but also has a place to plug in an electric cord. I found one that fits and operates the motor but it spins is too fast. Is there an easy way to put something inline on the cord to slow the motor down? Like a dimmer switch or something similar.
Are you talking like a water pump? An aquarium type?
I'll check but I'm pretty sure it's not. It didn't come with the fountain. That's why I'm looking for some sort of regulator dimmer whatever to slow the motor
I suspect that it requires some kind of small transformer, like a phone charger (often called a wall-wart).

If it's normally battery powered, It is DC at the pump
When I was making leaded stained glass windows, we all made rheostats where you would plug into a 120v circuit, then install a dimmer switch into a box to control the voltage to the soldering gun as a way to control the heat onto the lead came. That will burn out motors, but great for 120v soldering guns.