Smart home HVAC

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Apr 29, 2015
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With the technological advances in smart home systems, I was thinking if it could be combined with newer HVAC systems to better heat and cool the home.

For starters, this would work better with a unloadable A/C and a multi burner furnace. Then you could have a little on or a lot as demand is required.

Then, room temperature sensors in every room. This way then, the main unit gets a good reading.

Instead of zones, each room's vent has a motor that can open and close it as demand in that room exists.

So, how would this work?
When a few rooms deviate from the set point, the HVAC comes on at the lowest amount and ramps up as required. As the room gets to set point, the vents close. Once a certain number of rooms are closed off, the HVAC shuts down.

I am thinking things will cycle more, but provide a better temperature control.