Solid Color Stain: A Few Questions

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Jun 17, 2023
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Detroit, MI
About 20 years ago, I put latex solid color stain on my new garage's T1-11. There is no peeling, so I thought about use on my paint-throwing house trim.

The paint on wood trim boards on my house tends to peel in a few years. The horizontal fascia boards at the bottom of the asbestos shingle siding are the worst, but even window trim and upper fascia peels.

Moisture and sun are suspect, but I can't find the cause. I think, but am not positive, that ithe low wood problem is because the tar paper under the asbestos shingle siding above is tucked behind the metal Z-Trim that is at the bottom (on top of the wood fascia board). I think it's supposed to drape over it.

I wonder if, after scraping, stain would be a better choice. Paint stores gave conflicting advice.

Also, 3 of the 6 sides of my house are those asbestos shingles. About 30 years ago I painted them. The paint only peeled in a few spots The rest is simply worn very thin.

Can solid color stain go on top of paint, or should I use paint instead?

Also, I used Emulsa Bond on some new fiber cement replacement shingles from a window project.What do you all think of it. Does it really help stop peeling?

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience. Paul