Termite shower damage

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    I'm not sure if I should be posting this in this forum or in the pest control forum. But I think this is the best choice.
    My remodel is a simple 1950s home. The original shower was not constructed properly and as a result the house had termites at one point. They are no longer around but the damage they caused in the walls of the shower is. We are having the shower redone, from the ground up. Most of the studs in the walls are undamaged, and the ones that were damaged are in a nonload bearing wall that is being removed.
    As I was cleaning up after jack-hammering out the old floor I noticed there is some damage to the 2x4s that the studs are anchored to. (I am sure that these have a name, maybe floor joists, but I don't want to use an incorrect term)
    I'm wondering how much damage is OK to let go. The other side of the walls is the exterior of the house so replacing the floor beams would mean major work and expense.
    Two of the three beams have minimal damage, but there is one that ihas 2 spots that really concern me. As I was doing some investigation today I was able to put a chisel pretty far into both spots. When I tap on the top of the beam it sounds hollow. The two spots are only a small portion of the entire beam, but since these are structurally important I don't know how much damage is too much.
    In the pictures you can see the piles of termite "dust" that came out when I put the chisel in. I was only able to put the chisel in from the side. I tried seeing if I could go through the top but couldn't. The damage seems to be only near the bottom.
    I'm hoping some one here can tell me whether this damage is too much or if I can stop worrying so much.





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