Textured ceiling paint removal due to incident/leak

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Oct 27, 2010
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Hello Folks,

Few months ago, the drain in my bathtub seemed to have come loose without me noticing it; so, water leaked from the bathroom upstairs down to the kitchen ceiling. It was not too bad, and the sheetrock was intact but had water stain. The kitchen walls have some tone of beige and the ceiling has a tone of white (weak white, not shining like semi-gloss or gloss). And both the walls and ceiling have knock-down texture.

Back then, my approach was (one it had dried out) to first use a stain blocker or primer. Once the stain blocker was applied, took some small sample off the ceiling color and went to the hardware store to get small pot of paint. The paint did not match well, then I tried another, anoter sample from a different hardware store, another from another hardware store… None of them was a perfect match.

The end result was that now there are so many layers of paint that the space between the ceiling texture elements got filled with paint on that spot of the ceiling. In an attempt to remove most of the pain, tried a paint remover spray literally dozens of times to no avail. The following:

Sunnyside Corporation 66432 Ready-Strip Paint Overspray & Spatters Remover, Quart Trigger Spray, 6 Count - Multipurpose Cleaners - Amazon.com

The paint remover spray removed almost nothing even though I applied it dozens of times.

At this point, it probably would better to repaint the whole ceiling in this area. But first, it needs to be fixed: excess paint removed and maybe redo the knock-down texture if needed be.

Any advice on how to remove the paint (apart from sanding it) and how to redo the texture would be appreciated.

Below is a pic of the aggravated spot on the ceiling: