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Fired up the wood stove. Toasty in here now.

I miss my wood stove. Former tenant stole it though.

My cats are my heaters-- little mini-heaters. I was sick last night so I grabbed a few of them and strategically placed them. One against my tummy where he happily curled up and I got the other one to sit on my shoulder/side. He purred into my ear. Then another kitty sat on my legs.
I'm not a cat fan.

I worked this morning in my office, then ran some electrical under one of my rentals and then picked up my auction winnings and quarters from my laundry at the rental. Got home and had a cocktail with my neighbor. Now home with the wife and kids.
Last night I was backing my big trailer into its spot and had my daughter with me and we were talking when I realized I hit my backhoe with the side of my new Dually. I'm kinda bummed about that.
All the frickin land where you live and you smack into another vehicle?
All the frickin land where you live and you smack into another vehicle?

I didn't even get to hit the tractor, I hit the bucket, Only 1/2 thick steel. It didn't even know my truck hit it. Got two dents in that truck and its a year and a half old, my hunting truck is 10 years old and I take it everywhere and not a ding in it.
Anyone need anything from California, Nevada, Oregon or idaho? I'll be swinging through there today
Made it home from California Wed night, worked and spent time with the kids yesterday and this morning I am Running up to Spokane to pick up a vehicle. Gonna be 13 hours round trip.
There is a great little sandwich shop up in Spokane. Can you pick me up one and deliver it to me on your way back down?
My father lived in Spokane for about a year. I was there for a couple of weeks when we first moved back from overseas.

I badgered the clerks at the doctor's office in to setting my mother up with a new sleep study so she can replace her CPAP that broke. Appointment is Monday. They probably won't do the study that day, but I hope they will do it soon. She hasn't been sleeping well and it's been affecting her stress levels and digestion. I tried to get her to get a sleep study and replace her machine before it completely broke, but she wouldn't have it. Now she regrets it.

My kitties have now figured out that there are other tiers on the cat tree they can sit on. Ginger decided to curl up in the tunnel and her brother sat on top of it.

and I just got brain freeze.
I passed myself somewhere on interstate 82. Stopped at an antique store in the middle of nowhere and saw some neat stuff. Snowed on the way up and the way down, 16.5 hours driving. I'm tired and ready to not drive for a while. I need a drink.
Glad you had a safe trip. Driving in snow is not fun, but hopefully you'll be able to rest.
I can rest in January, got too much to get done before winter. I graded out next to my shop yesterday and put down about 40 tons of rock, its gonna be nice to not have mud everywhere.

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