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Although, in fairness, some people just have very bad luck and even without making bad decisions have things happen- like car wrecks or houses burning down or natural disasters or major health problems/injuries.

If someone is wasting their $ on illegal drugs and stealing from people and generally being useless, they are losers. But sometimes there are people who keep trying and life keeps knocking them back down.

I finally got tired of tripping over trash in the kitchen and ended up doing my brother's job (that he hasn't done in a few weeks despite promising to take trash out twice a week) and filled multiple bags with trash. I still have more to clean, but I have difficulty with bending. I also have been working on laundry. Lots of laundry piled up while the dryer wasn't working.

Just go put the trash in his bed or his car. He might get he hint.:D
When i lived in NY , I knew people who worked two jobs and still had to live out of a locker at the train station because they couldn't afford a apt ..
Most of the homeless here are former mental patients. In the 80s, judges ruled that it was unfair to keep mental patients confined and make them take their meds. Most of them are now homeless and totally non-functioning. Some became violent without their meds and are now incarcerated.
That being said, those working fast food, getting 25-30 hours a week at less than $8 hour are struggling. My stepson works at Walmart and the kid who used to live with us (he works at McDonalds) share an apt.
When I was younger I lived in an apartment with 3 other guys, a 2 bedroom just to try and get ahead. California was expensive. I'm glad I had the drive to succeed
Well, I didn't take them out of the house, but I eventually got him to take them out. I bagged everything up and tied the bags tightly and had them set up so it would be easy for him to take them out. Usually the bag in the trash can is too heavy for me to lift bc of he sort of stuff that gets thrown in. Fortunately this time it was lightweight. I've found that if I argue with my brother or nag him about things in a way that is accusatory, he shuts down and just won't do things. If I'm nice to him and show him that I'm helping and he's not doing it by himself, he's more likely to do things.
The irony is, he gripes up a storm about co-workers who don't pull their weight and who expect other people to do their work for them after only doing a bare minimum, yet he doesn't see that he does the same thing to me at home.
"Turn out the lights, the party is over"
Just thought of Howie Mandel's routine where he did the little boy voice and talked about how his mother wanted to turn out the lights. "No Mommy! I'm scared of the dark!" and she said "What if I sing to you?" and he said "No! I'm scared of your singing-- and then she sang to me... in the dark!"

Ordered some new tires for my truck. Pirelli Scorpion Verde tires. Walmart website had them on sale and I found that the website charges less tax than the local store does. Discover called within 20 minutes to ask me if I made a purchase from Walmart so they could confirm the purchase-- I said "yes" so hopefully they will ship soon. Supposed to arrive by the 27th (ship to store) but with the holidays and these clowns at the store it will probably be December 7th.

In other news, got my flu shot. Doctor said my bloodwork looks good-- need to work on bringing up my good cholesterol, lowering my sugars, drinking more water, and he's upping my thyroid meds. Even though I'm within "normal" range, it's the low side of normal and it just isn't working for me.

Got trim and plinth blocks to make a mirror frame. Trying to figure out the best way to go about building it. Mirror is a frameless one that I want to frame and use as a medicine cabinet door. Medicine cabinet will be surface/wall mount rather than between-studs because the studs aren't in the right places and it's going on an exterior wall. I need to pick up some lumber to build the cabinet-- going to be shallow. I think maybe about 3" deep. I read a guide on how to make it using 1x3s. Will just need to figure out how much to have the door overlap, hinge type, and how to make the hinge hidden.
Plinth is such a funny word!
Plinth is such a funny word!

It is! Sometimes I wonder what people were thinking when they invented words for things. The etymology of words has always fascinated me.

Got an update on my tire order. ETA is nov 28th after 6pm (which is after the tire section/service center closes-- I believe they close at 4pm). So, probably won't get the tires on until the 29th at the earliest.

They charge $2 per tire for "disposal" fees. I told them I want to keep the old tires and the employee claimed that it doesn't matter-- that if they take the tires off the state makes them pay/charge it anyway. Other places I have had tires replaced at didn't have that fee. So she's either lying or they just don't know how to file the paperwork for it.

On a side note, the person who was coveting the rims on my brother's former truck (the chevy) actually got pissed off that our friend hauled the truck off. Said it was like my friend thought he was going to steal stuff-- and my friends said from their experience, if the person was mad about it, he was probably planning to steal stuff. LOL. But now it's safely at the friend's house with a bunch of other broken down vehicles and parts.
The state has no idea how many tires they dismount and in bet they don't even count the ones they do recycle
The state has no idea how many tires they dismount and in bet they don't even count the ones they do recycle
I don't think my state even recycles them. Louisiana is one of the worst states for recycling/ecology/environment stuff.

I was hoping to avoid stores on Thanksgiving but around 5pm my brother decided he needed more ingredients for the stew, I was out of milk, and my mother wanted some cranberry sauce in a can. We made it to Walmart to find they were starting their early Black Friday sales so the parking lot was full. I dropped my bro off and went to find parking. Saw some friends on the way in and hugged them. Fortunately, the sale stuff hadn't started yet so people weren't going crazy, but the place was packed, sections were cordoned off, and I couldn't get through with a cart. So, my brother squeezed his way through to get the stuff we needed a few pieces at a time and brought them back to the cart. After several trips we had what we needed and headed to checkout-- or tried. They wouldn't let us through and said we had to work our way to the back of the store, around and then back to the front. We went back a bit and then squeezed through a shortcut to get to the other side and then go to the front. We were unloading on to the conveyor belt just when the clock hit 6, the employees all blew into cardboard/paper horns and the noise started so we were like "OH $#!+! Time to get out!" and hurried the hell out of there, wishing cashiers and employees luck as we fled. Everyone we encountered was polite though. Made a lady happy bc we gave her the cart when we were done and I let someone who was circling for a parking space know I would be leaving so they got my spot. Had a nice beef stew with mushrooms, potatoes, and carrots for dinner.
Luckily, we have another supermarket here. I will not go to Walmart on Thanksgiving, black Friday or Sat. (return day).
I can't even get out of my drive way today .And if i did i would just be in a parking lot in front of my house ..
My new tires arrived (according to the e-mail alert). Gonna be fun seeing if the monkeys at Walmart can actually find them when I go to get them put on today. I'm going to bring my friend's girlfriend so she can do some shopping while my tires are being put on. Have to wait until after she and my friend go to the funeral home to make arrangements for my friend's father, who died suddenly yesterday. I think he was 47. My friend is taking it hard and hasn't told his daughter yet. She spent most of her time with "PawPaw" so she's going to be devastated. Apparently yesterday she was refusing to go to school because PawPaw wasn't there to take her and she didn't know why and she's been asking for him. They are planning to tell her sometime today.

My sister said she hasn't bought her tickets to come out to visit just yet but that she thinks she'll be here on the 22nd. That gives me a bit of time to do some cleanup in the house. Instead of tackling a whole lot at once and feeling overwhelmed, I've been doing a little bit at a time. I also need to clean the truck out before we drive my sister home in January.
I mentioned on other forums. My friend was trying to sugarcoat it and tell his daughter that PawPaw went to heaven and was with the angels and couldn't come back. He said she gave him a horrified look and said "PawPaw is DEAD?" and started crying. It wrecked my friend. Fortunately, being a child she didn't dwell on it for too long and was back to playing like nothing had happened later on. She sometimes says she misses him.

The funeral today was rough. My friend's grandmother was sobbing and wailing, which made it worse for her surviving sons and my friend. It was open casket and the granddaughter was being held so she could see the body. She put one of her favorite My Little Pony toys in the casket with him and said "I wish he could come back to life" (but she wasn't crying or sad then). It wasn't until later on when she noticed her father (my friend) crying that she got upset. My friend's mother was holding her but she wanted to go to her father. She hugged him and cried on his shoulder and then sat back and was putting her hands on his face and wiping the tears away. There wasn't room on the family bench for my friend's girlfriend so she was next to me. She leaned on me a few times when she was getting hit with waves of grief. She started sobbing when she saw my friend cry, so I held her and did my best to comfort her. I think I went through half a pack of tissues-- seeing other people cry always makes me cry.
Saw some friends that lately we only see at funerals.
I also noticed a tradition that I'd never noticed in other places where we lived. Vehicles going the opposite direction pull on to the shoulder and stop (or just stop in the road) out of respect for the funeral procession.
The cemetery part was very short, thankfully. Although, one of the preachers said something about how one day the souls would return to the bodies in the cemetery and they were going to rise up and my first thought was "zombie apocalypse" (which I whispered to my friend and he laughed). His grandmother gave me a big hug and thanked me for all the help we've given her son and asked us to always be there for him. Lots of hugs all around. She invited my mother to come over and visit her for coffee and such. I'm hoping my mother will take her up on the offer because she needs to get out of the house more.
One of my brother's old friends from school now works as a prison guard and was telling my brother they need more guards so my brother might apply there. He also helped my mother up from the seat because she was having trouble. I told him "We have to stop meeting like this!" because the last time we saw each other was at his grandmother's funeral.
I'm hoping there won't be anymore funerals for a long time, but I would like to see the friends again in a happier setting. Maybe arrange some sort of gathering someday.
My inner Grumpy Cat was cringing through a lot of the funeral-- I hate funerals. They spent less than 2 minutes talking about the actual deceased and the rest was all sermon and how people are going to hell if they don't believe. I almost laughed when they said the guy was "gentle" because he was known for busting people's faces, breaking arms, and generally beating the crap out of people if they crossed him or his family. Of course, they weren't going to bring that up. Also, they played country music and I hate country music. I was sitting there thinking "I'm at a funeral with people crying, my nose is running, and they are playing country music". It was the trifecta. LOL.