tree cutters, license and insurance.

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humble abode

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Apr 13, 2020
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Madison Heights, VA
I know someone who would like some trees for firewood. He is not a professional tree cutter. Would his insurance cover him in case of injury (and protect me too so I don't get sued if he is injured) or is there a policy designed specifically for tree cutters. And do tree cutters need a license? My house isn't much, but I still don't want to lose it.
If he can't provide you with a certificate of insurance, you could be responsible for anything that results. If he gets hurt, he could sue you for restitution. Best to consult with a local legal expert.
I would call my home owners insurance company and tell them, “I want my buddy to come over and help me cut down a tree and I want to make sure he is covered by my homeowners policy while he is here. What would the implications be if he were to get hurt.”

That’s what you carry insurance for. No different than if he came over to say hi and fell off your porch and got hurt.
Unless the tree had been dead a while, he's not going to get firewood out of what he cuts anyway. He'd have to dry it out for months.
I know most Homeowner's Insurance carries worker's comp for one employee if they were to get injured on your property, but it is better to have them sign a release from any and all damages and to hold the property harmless to any injuries.