Water backing up into house from wellhead - electrical conduit

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Nov 16, 2006
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We had a house rebuilt last year. New water and electrical lines to the well head. Over the winter we started to see water seeping into the basement around those pipes.

Just yesterday we determined that the high water table in the area was causing water to come up the well sleeve (not sure the correct term there) and it would then run back into the electrical conduit and find its way to the lower end of that pipe - which is inside the house.

Its maybe 2" lower than the wellhead but that was enough.

I don't know wells at all

My thought was to pull the head off and use duct seal around the wires as they exit the conduit.

However - as much as I think this is a rare/strange thing - maybe its not and maybe there is a common way to resolve it....which is why I'm asking here.


the way this was happening is it seemed that the drainage around the foundation was backing up and causing water to come out around the pipes (easiest way in) but it was not consistent with a heavy rain. We are right on a lake so the water table is high to begin with. I had the excvation guy really scratching his head on this. We thought it was a nick in the water line but that was only under pressure when the house was calling for the pump to turn on (and we were not living there so it wasn't running) - we thought it was a clog in the drain line caused by the landscaping crew... Hammer drilling some holes around the pipes and cleaning them out and finding DRY dirt - but the pipes were still wet - that is when I pulled off the change-over connection and saw water in the electrical pipe.