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    Water backing up into house from wellhead - electrical conduit

    We had a house rebuilt last year. New water and electrical lines to the well head. Over the winter we started to see water seeping into the basement around those pipes. Just yesterday we determined that the high water table in the area was causing water to come up the well sleeve (not sure...
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    Waterproofing Suggestions

    Hey Guys, I'm having water leaking issues in my basement, specifically in one corner, but a couple other spots are worrisome as well. I'm wondering what you guys suggest; excavating and sealing the foundation wall down to the footer on the exterior or putting in a drain tile system. The side...
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    Water stains around tiny holes on ceilings smoke detectors

    I am looking at a 2 storey house and notice the popcorn ceiling smoke detectors (4 out of 5) have tiny holes drilled around them and there is stain markings around the tiny holes. Main floor has one smoke detector and it has this stain. 3 out of 4 smoke detectors upstairs have such stains. What...