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The short answer (because I am at work) is yes.

And I can see how people would think "feel better" doesn't have value, however, I have no plans of selling before I die. I live in a neighborhood which has homes $160-$245 and the house as is, might appraise for $75, so.... yes, going from becoming dilapidated to looking fresh is going to add value..... as well as me to be protected from financial disaster by not having forced placed insurance on the house that only covers total loss, nothing for valuables inside or a rental during replacement, etc
And In furtherance of your eventuality, have you addressed the transfer of title to any siblings, such as placing them on the mortgage or creating an LLC.

Planning ahead, weathers the worst of eventualities.
Mom decided not to go to the rescheduled appointment for her mammagram because she felt nauseous and she had a yeast rash under her breast. Because she used to have very large breasts and they now sag down to her belly button, she gets some nasty rashes from time to time. That's where the shea butter wipes come in handy. She showed me the rash and it was huge.

Been trying to keep up with litter on a daily basis but those cats crap a lot. LOL. Also did a lot of cleanup last night and this morning. Arthritis is acting up in my right hand and wrist today. Shockingly, I actually got my brother to help with cleanup last night. He whined like a little b*** about it and left after 2min but eventually came back and then didn't really do much. He complained that I was "too slow" and that he could do it faster. I then said "You think you can do it faster? Knock yourself out!" and moved out of the way. He didn't even clean up half of what I'd already cleaned up, but he put a dent in Mom's mountain of bottles and we can now get over to the TV without feeling like we're in a ball pit at a children's play area. He doesn't realize I move slow due to back pain & arthritis.

I also made a new drinking fountain for the kitties. Wish I could find a small float/filler to automatically refill it, but right now it filters & circulates the water. I used a 5-15 gallon fish tank filter/pump and a 12qrt dishpan. It's the kind that sits on the outside of the container and has a tube going into it. I set it up, filled it with water, plugged it in, fiddled with it until the water started coming out of the pump, and pushed it back as far as it can go on the counter. The water came out of the tap a bit brownish bc of sediment, but it is already clear after the thing filtered it.

Also binge-watched the first 2 seasons of Star Trek: Picard. I had watched season 3 but not the first 2.

Went to Walmart to get bread and stuff and was supposed to get Mom's RX but completely forgot. I'll have to go back tomorrow. Cooked yellow rice for Mom earlier so that made her happy. My brother made sesame chicken rice.

I'm about to take a nap.
If you're comfortable, go for it.

Why can't you have your own insurance now?
Because there are only partial gutters, no downspouts, and obvious rot, .... and prior to my moms death all the things all over the yard, and the hoarding situation as well as lots of cats (only 1 now). So the original insurance company dropped me and noone wants to pick me up until repairs have been made.
So... Z.... I know you aren't 14 like your Brother, but there's a term some of us know called Too Much Information... "Decided not to go to appointment" is perfectly enough info.

There's also a term called "Thanks for that visual"
Because there are only partial gutters, no downspouts, and obvious rot, .... and prior to my moms death all the things all over the yard, and the hoarding situation as well as lots of cats (only 1 now). So the original insurance company dropped me and noone wants to pick me up until repairs have been made.
Ok, never heard of that. They took pictures of my place so they can check against any claims. If you were to report damage where the rot was, all they would say is it's not covered. It's like they aren't taking free money from you because almost all Insurance companies are full of maggots, so they should love the existing damage.
I got the estimate and I feel like it's a good deal.

They actually have a siding division, so....
The estimate if for gutter and downspouts, fascia, and soffits, then 2 new gable vents, tearing off all old siding, enclosing the back porch (outside only) with 7/8 osb, adding a vent, housewrap all over the house, siding entire house for 13.7k
Seems like a good quote. What kind of siding?
Started my new experiment / habit of Homemade Ice Cream... Vanilla to start because it's simple.. There is no store brands here that are actual Ice Cream, it's all loaded with Corn Syrup and 80 other ingredients. Breyers Natural Vanilla is the closest, but they don't list Vanilla as an ingredient.

My experiments have to do with ingredients, but also equipment. So far, I know I don't need one of those giant mixer things, a handheld mixer works fine, but not an immersion blender. Only the one with rotating spinner things. For test batches, I only need a small SS loaf pan, but if I did a large batch, I would have to figure that out.

The ingredients are obvious in Cream, Milk, Sugar and Vanilla, but I tried to get away with only Half and Half because it's HALF the price of Cream, and that didn't work. I just blend the ingredients in a SS bowl until slightly thick.

So the final test batch recipe is as follows...

1 1/2 C Cream
1/2 C Milk
1/2 C Sugar
2 Tsp Vanilla

Frozen for 8 hours or so... Turns out insane.

I'm going to try substituting Xylitol and other Sugar substitutes... I bought 25 Organic Vanilla Beans on Ebay that I will also use when making Chocolate. I cut 15 of the Beans in half and dropped them in a 1.75L bottle of Vodka, so in a few months I'll have extract, but they that know say the best taste is in a Year or more.

I'll just take 8 ounces or whatever when I need it then add more Vodka and Beans as I go and just keep it going forever. I don't need 1.75L of Vanilla extract, so I'm sure I'll give a lot of it away.
Hey Ron, did you add any metal molding on the outer edges, or did you just stop using the raw tile edge?
Yes there is a metal edge on the sides that are exposed and I plan on putting a metal trim on the top where it meets the crown.


I installed more tile today and made a shelf like I saw a guy on YouTube do. After the shelf dries, I will finish the tile tomorrow. Then I can grout.



I finished rearranging today, and I hate it...... lol
Not switching it back today though, so who cares.

Back to the forceplaced homeowners insurance saga of will new siding increase your equity, and why I "feel", "think" it's a good idea.... my house payment is $70 more starting in October because of the increase in the policy cost this year. The sooner I can get a policy of my own, the lower the house payment will be.
Didn't do much but some trash pickup, feeding kitties, refilling water, etc. I do like how the new waterer I made cleans the water.

I decided to get a different video card than had been on my list (the one I initially wanted went up in price by a lot and isn't as good). The price hurts but it's about $50 cheaper than another one I wanted to get. It's on sale right now and I suspect prices will only go up in time. After this I will only have to order the processor. Still hoping for a sale on that. Was going to go with an ASUS video card but am going for an MSI that slightly outperforms it (and is less expensive).

Best friend got a new puppy & he's adorable. Itty bitty little thing. I already bought him a toy from TSC. Its almost as big as him & he loves it.

Spicoli, I sometimes forget that other people find certain things gross. My mother is the queen of TMI. My family always has discussed things that gross other people out and it doesn't bother any of us so it was "normal".

Shan, I hope you can get everything fixed up.

Ron, the shower is looking great! Looks better than a job by actual contractors I saw on home repair reddit.
No, you got rid of the blue tape holder? I thought that was a perfect place for it, at least in my house I would know when "someone" used the last of the roll and forgot to tell me!

Really looks good Ron!