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Got down to 15°F last night. Supposed to get up to 47°F in the afternoon. Its 25 outside right now and I don't want to go out there. Feeling way too cruddy. Lightheaded, clumsy (keep tripping and losing my balance), and generally feel like crap. I'm hoping my cows made it through the night. My skin felt hot to the touch but I didn't check my temp. Woke up soaked in sweat. All I want to do is curl up and sleep.
Went to McDonalds to grab breakfast, got sweet feed for the cows, and then got home and inspected the plumbing. I heard the pump to fill the cistern running. Broke up ice in the cow's waterer and noticed that the hose broke off so that needs to be replaced. Saw a fitting had come apart in the pump house. I'd used the only pvc cement available at the time when we put that together and it sucks. 2nd place where it failed. Used the purple primer and the rain or shine pvc cement. I'm currently letting it cure for a bit before turning water back on. I'll have to put air back in the pressure tank as well.

Boo was feeling better and followed me all around and rolled in the dirt. I felt good for about 5 minutes but felt bad again and my head doesn't feel good.
Only got around 8 inches so far, supposed to snow all night so it should be a foot. Then again, wind could take the storm away or bring more in... I used to make fun of Meteorologists, saying they can invent whatever they want that doesn't come true and still get paid, like Congress... While they can predict 70 MPH winds, they can't really predict a snow cloud hanging around unless the entire State is covered for an extended period of time.

Unfortunately, it's not play outside snow, too cold for that... Maybe at the end of March. October is sometimes the last play in the snow time...
Today was play outside day. Real cold this morning right about 0 but the wind chill was about - 15. Walked a few miles down buy the river. The ice is all jambed up and has spots of the walking trial flooded and frozen over.
This afternoon it warmed up to about 10 and my grandson, wife and I played on the pond. Drilled it and it's a good 4" now. We had a big time, I love the winter.

I liked playing in the snow as a kid but not anymore. Don't like the cold temps.
Put air in the pressure tank and at first the cistern wouldn't fill. Not sure why. Turned power off and let it warm up a bit before trying again. Cistern filled. Turned opened the shutoffs and heard the pressure tank fill but pump didn't kick on. Went inside and opened a faucet and it made a bunch of noise. After a couple minutes water came out and the toilet started filling. The water in the kitchen sink is coming out brown with black chunks.
@zannej did your water clear up?
Not entirely, but its starting to clear up.

Mom's blood sugar was 26 this morning. I gave her some marshmallows, an ice cream sandwich, and made a midnight run to YNotstop to get her a sugar cookie. She's feeling a lot better now. I'm feeling like crap though. Legs feel heavy, I'm uncoordinated as hell, and my head feels bleh. Went for curbside pickup and brought my brother along. We went inside and got some groceries. Stopped at the hardware store for pipe wrap. Picked up mail. Got home and Mom wanted breakfast. I felt too cruddy to make the eggs so I asked my brother if he could cook the eggs while I made the toast. He used to be a cook at the casino and cooked eggs almost every day while there. Mom was happy with how they turned out.

He also helped me take the trash bag out of the kitchen trash. I was struggling with it.

I'm about to take a nap since I feel cruddy and didn't sleep well last night.
Doctor can't see me until next week. I'm hoping I'll feel better by then, but we'll see. My coordination was garbage today and I slept most of the day. I did manage to feed the kitties and went for a brief walk. The dogs and Boo were excited about the walk. They all ran out. Boo was stalking Aminatu and following the dogs around but stopped to roll around in the dirt. I thought the fresh air might help but it didn't.

Mom paged me and hung up so I paged her back and she seemed confused. Went to check her blood sugar and the meter said it was 25. Got her a sugar cookie, candy, apple juice, and whatever I could find. Checked later and it was 124. While she was eating something I went to get something out of the bathroom and lost my balance. I grabbed on to some trim on the wall and then grabbed a piece of furniture to catch myself. She said "did you just start to fall?" and I said "Yes". I stumbled around and she told me I should sit down when I was leaning against a wall. I eventually sat on her floor and waited for her to finish eating. Then I had to struggle to get back up to my feet. She's feeling better now and resting and Fippy is with her so he's not snarling at me.

Not as much coughing today at least, but still feeling a bit woozy. No headache though. I did have the chills earlier but they are gone now. I think I'm feeling slightly better today than I was yesterday but I'm mostly tired.
Played on the pond with grandkids all day yesterday. Pulled sleds around with the 4 wheeler, skating, had a nice fire in the pit. It was sunny for a change and got up to about 20. Made homemade beef stew and homemade buttermilk biscuits for everyone. Great day. Just heard on the news the coastguard is out on the lake. 27 people stranded on a ice flow. Every year we have ice. There's only been enough ice around the islands for a week maybe. Going to warm up a bit so it'll be interesting to see if anyone goes back out.
I woke up in the middle of the night coughing. Went to the bathroom and saw a pipe wrench on a shelf. I haven't been able to find my pipe wrenches. Took it to Mom's bathroom and fixed her faucet. Had to take the aerator off and clean it and the o-ring.
Napped and then got up to feed the cows. Cooked for Mom. Racked out again until after 10:30pm. Stomach was hurting and I felt like garbage. Woke up sweating.
Still tired and am going to try to sleep again.
I'm actually feeling a bit better now. Still tired but thats probably from sleeping so much. Massive thunderstorms last night and my phone woke me up around 5am with a flash flood alert. Just had another one extending the time for the flooding. Will have to reschedule the appointment for when the roads are clear.

Princess was trying to burrow underneath me last night because thunder scares her. The alert offended poor Biscuits.

My brother made a soup for himself and Mom but I can't eat it because he put onions in it. I'm hoping weather will clear enough for me to go to the store and get some stuff they didn't have last time. At least I don't feel like complete garbage right now.
Still coughing but have more energy. Rained last night and all morning. I finally fixed the towel bar in my bathroom. Didn't even need power tools. Just used manual screwdrivers. Stupid set screw kept falling but I finally got everything nice and tight on the wall. If that thing comes off, its taking the wall with it. I'm considering painting that whole wall white to cover the blemishes and having it as an accent wall.

I'll be going in to town to meet up with my friend a bit later today-- less than an hour.

Fippy is in a somewhat better mood today. I moved a pillow and put it down on top of him and he didn't growl.
Must have been 40 today, so a difference of 85 degrees since the Arctic freeze a week and a half ago... I was walking around with a long sleeve regular shirt and didn't feel a bit cold. To put that in perspective, when it hit 0 degrees in March a few years ago after the entire Month of February was below 0, I was walking around in a similar shirt with no issues because it was 40 plus degrees warmer.

It sounds weird to you Suthin folks, but it's just normal here. I'm sure some Inuit people would know what I'm saying... My yard is still covered in snow, only about 5 inches though. That should all be gone by Monday. That could be the last for the season or we could get 4 feet. That's the only problem, messes up the planning.
Some people handle cold better than others. I used to handle it better since I had lived in Virginia as a kid, but after living in the tropics for almost 10 years I'm not used to the cold.

Went to the store for more groceries and met up with my friend to spot him for some gas and groceries. My brother cooked for me when we got back. Then I cooked for Mom.
Is this a push connect? Can I cut it off and make this line shorter and then reconnect it or do I need a special tool?
I'm no expert, but it looks like all push connect (aka, "Sharkbite connections") from the corner to the transition to PEX. You probably know this but there's no need to cut to separate things; there a "sharkbite removal tool" that pushes the inner sleeve in while you pull the pipe out which allows you to reuse all of the connectors.

The one thing I wonder is why a copper pipe was even used? Could the PEX be connected to the corner directly? As far as I know, sharkbite connectors accept both copper and PEX...
Yes, that SharkBite (push to connect) at 4” to 6” tape measure mark could be removed entirely and the Pex could be inserted into the fitting at the 1” to 2” mark. Be careful though, the SharkBite removal tools are not that easy to use. The cheap one that ShatkBite sells looks like this.


If you have trouble with that tool, there are more fancy removal tools but I haven’t used the fancy one’s myself.

The OD of Pex is the same as the OD of copper.