What vacuum cleaner should I buy?

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Mar 9, 2013
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Hello! I need to buy a new vacuum. Our current machine is 10 years old and it's always breaking down and making unnerving sounds. Yep.

I want something cheap and effective. It doesn't have to be fancy. Is anything from this guide to the best inexpensive vacuums a good choice for me? I am intrigued by that tiny Bissell vacuum at the end of the list that doesn't take any bags. Has anyone used something similar?

What is your favorite vacuum cleaner? Can I get it for around $100? If not, why should I save up some more money to get it?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
I hate the kind where the hose makes a sharp turn from the head. It constantly get clogged and I have to take it apart to unstop it. I don't know what other style is available but I know what to look for next time I get one.
What are you vacuuming most, tile, carpet, or hardwood?
Henry every time...with turbo boost button.
Copes with cat and dog hair, sewing cotton thread, beads, spiders smile and assorted lumps of unidentifiable stuff.

I am just about to buy a second one for upstairs though, as they are cumbersome to lug about. Not bag less, but I have gone off that idea anyway. I like a nice tidy bag of crap to plank straight in the bin.
Well heres where I purchased my last vacuum. goodwill.Over a year ago. One no frills, no hoses or attachments, just a plain ol dirt devil upright, no bag needed only part needing replacement is a $14.00 air filter that has just now come to the end of its usefulness. The vacuum was tagged as "works fine" and they will tell you IF they are aware of any problems with anything they sell. How ever should the tag read "as is" don't pay to take out the garbage for them, Also the reason this vacuum had been discarded to the land of unwanted appliances became apparent upon the first use in my home. The 2 rear wheels would fall off.This required 2 pins made out of a coat hanger and an electric drill to fix. In addition to my "normal" (Im single, so no one tells me I cant take it out to the garage) This machine took on a house last summer that carbon dating might have been the only way to tell the last time anything was cleaned, Might be worth a look..;What did I pay for this? $6.50 Yes, six dollars and 50 cents
The Cook
I have always gone with the old Hoovers. They are in your price point.
We have a Bissell bagless - I like it because you can empty and clean it up very easily. Cost us under $100. For the price I do not think you could do much better.
I have a tri-star, very very pricey but is the best vacuum I have ever owned. Never an issue in the last 10 years.
I've always buyed a eureka, it is very easy to service yourself. You could take the whole machine apart and pit it back together without any screws left over.
I have a tri-star, very very pricey but is the best vacuum I have ever owned. Never an issue in the last 10 years.

I'll be going this route next time. The one she bought is already falling apart.

The cheap ends up expensive.
Smart. I never would have thought of that.
Yup, I keep all of my cords from sweepers, toasters, irons, and the like. They make great extension cords that'll carry a load. :agree:
I was just thinking that 50 foot cord on my vacuum would be awesome on a skilsaw.
It may but an under sized extension cord does the same thing.