Why is my ceiling cracking?

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May 1, 2024
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Pics show the ceiling of an upstairs bathroom in a 2 storey house (about 100years but overall in good renovated condition) with drywall seemingly pulling apart or cracking just above the corner of a window frame and rising into the ceiling. These started to appear about 8 months ago and got progressively worse. What could be causing this and how much trouble am I in?


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Cracks at the corners of windows often are related to settling. A 100 yr old house isn't settling unless something has changed. Have you looked around at the outside in that location; under and over the area? Check the attic to see if anything up there has loosened.
Water intrusion would be a prime candidate.

Look what's on the roof near that area. Not necessarily directly above --- water could be getting in at, for example, degraded flashing around a plumbing vent stack, and then the water running down the rafter, and then finally dripping off when it reaches a nail or a splinter.
Thanks, much appreciated. Nothing visible on the facade (brick), and things look normal in the attic above. Will have a look at the roof next, but the damage looks more like the wall pulling apart than water leaking through, especially on the wall at the window edge. Will take a closer look from the outside.

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