Wiring & kwh meter code\safety questions

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Feb 19, 2013
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Im installing another circuit in garage.
For a 240vac 26a pottery kiln.
When on it will run at full load (26a) for up to 10 hours at a time.
I asked what safety factor they used. They said none, that it pulls a full 26a.
They recommend a 30a breaker.
I have a spare 30 dbl for my panel,so that would be good,but is 30 really enough?
I will need x' of wire.
Mounting wire on (not in) garage inside wall.
What type & gauge wire?
Does code requires Conduit and if so why?
Id need to install a Kwh meter for the kiln. I see so many for sale 8 to 25$. I'm not sure if any are decent quality. I also see house meters used tested guaranteed for 25 to 40$. But then Id need a box too and think maybe I'm going over kill doing that.

Your thoughts?

Oops i meant to post the footage. Measures 25, so lets say 3o to be safe
I just measured kiln resistance on highest setting. 9.3 ohms makes for 25.8 amps. 26 x 1.25 is 32.5. so a 35 amp breaker. So 25' of 8awg. Thwn, use or any 8 awg?
I’m not a pro but I think #8 is good for like 45a. I don’t think at that size you will see much voltage drop.

I know copper is way up in price now. If the run is only 30’ I’m the type person on my own stuff I would rather be overkill and I might run #6.

To my hot tub I ran #6 from the panel to the sub panel / GFCI disconnect. From there the tub required 7 wires as the pumps and the heater were on different GFCI breakers and I stepped down to #8 and ran it in conduit for the outside part. When pricing the #8 the per foot price was about double than buying the smallest spool. So I went for the bulk and had half left over. It is surprising how much of that I have used up like extending my welder feed.

If you search there are dozens of on line calculators on drop and wire size. They are free and every wire company has one.
I would recommend that you check with your town about getting a permit and asking the inspector what kind of things they will be looking for. Getting the inspection is an hassle but it will mean that what you do is up to code and will keep you in the clear with your home insurance.