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Feb 23, 2020
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Just as it states... I figured I would separate this from the main thread. In case there is young people that don't know all the Ancient Chinese secrets...

I'll start with an easy way to figure out if your system is working... Put some Corn in it! Nothing happens to the magical Corn, it comes out the same! If you eat a can of Corn and you see it the next day, your poop chute at least operates fine... Of course, you need to pay attention to other stuff happening that might be medical, but the very basic operational indication is Corn... or Sesame seeds.
MOONSHINE, self-fermented within oneself.
I just paid $140 for this bottle, and it is only 750ml. It is a gift for a friend, but heard it is about the best you can purchase.
All I know about Whisky or Whiskey is what I learned from talking to liquor store owners that go to tastings, undoubtedly in Bentleys with Grey Poupon... They say it's all subjective and that price doesn't have much to do with it. A high price point brand might be excellent, but you might get the same "yes" from a much lower priced brand.

My favorite is Redneck Riviera, which is SMOOTH and low cost, but it's more than twice the cost of my go-to, Evan Williams Black...

As far as ridiculous, they say that Pappy isn't anything worth really talking about. They weren't impressed, or weren't impressed enough to even consider carrying it.
Today was mowing and pulling Tree Weeds day, the ones that are 3 feet tall. I sprayed them all down real good to loosen them up so I could hopefully pull them out without snapping the roots. I had Vinegar on hand to spray on the roots that did snap.

Later, when I was having my Sudden Wisdom moment of the day, I was thinking that the spraying must be like a Hurricane to Spiders, only it's not the same as Hurricanes to Humans since people (not me ever, thank you) can see them coming, whereas a Spider can't... The hose is turned on and it's an instant Hurricane to them.

After I pull the Tree Weeds, they are only temporarily homeless because I have 400,000 other weeds. I love Spiders, as they have a purpose in life...

What's the purpose for Weeds?
Weeds are the nesting sites for spider food.
From Spicoli43: "What's the purpose for Weeds?"

Weeds are plants that no has yet though to put a price tag on.

Dandelion = Weed? Nope! Can buy for money dandelion at the local happy hippie food store.

My House- Neighbor 2 years ago: "You should pull out that harebell. It's a weed."
Same neighbor last month proudly showed me the harebell that she bought for real money at the local, trendy nursery. Go figure!
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As I recall, FLYOVER, would harvest dandelion leaves for a salad.
And, there's always Dandelion Tea and Dandelion Wine.

In real life dandelion is said to be quite a healthy food.

The leaves, flowers and roots are antioxidant rich & have got a lot of vitamins K, C & A, folate, potassium. I think there's a lot of calcium, too.

There are lots of health claims for dandelions, too. Some are controlling inflammation and blood sugar. True?
On my 7 week Detox that I do a few times a year, after detoxing the Gut, the Liver is next... That's Dandelion Root

After that is the Kidneys... That's Dandelion Leaf.

Neither tastes great, and neither can be picked from the yard unless people live in a pristine area, which is doubtful.

I haven't heard SPECIFICALLY that it's for Inflammation, but that would make sense that it's used for both Liver and Kidneys... The whole point of disease prevention is unblocking both.

If the Liver is blocked, there is disease in the body 100% guaranteed because nothing can get out through the Colon. Period.

People heal Stage 4 Cancer anywhere in the body by repeatedly doing Liver cleanses (After the Gut is cleansed)
In my youth, I was allergic and the folks in an adjacent property wouldn't weed, so my eyes and face would swell.

After at 16, I'd outgrown that.

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