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    Ice/water in detached garage

    New to me...Minnesota. so i have an deattached 2 car unheated garage. it has a few outlets on GFCI inside. after a recent short snowmelt and refreeze, discovered a layer of ice covering 75% of the garage floor. Deepests 1 1/2-2" in one corner. There is an alleyway adjacent to this structure...
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    What's your Temp?

    Near Lake Superior: 6°F @11pm. Expecting -5°F @ 8 am.
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    Window leak and wall stain

    check the exterior above the window area for any open seams/crack as well as roofing on that side. if you have attic access above that area, i would recommend checking for any discoloration in the roof rafters leading towards the window area.
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    What's your Temp?

    9 degree right now with windchill -2 in northern midwest. Sun is out so that's good.
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    Separating gutter facia board from wall (interior leak)

    From the picture, there seems to be a gap (failed caulking) below the fascia spanning the width of both windows. There also seems to be a crack under the lower flashing (the piece under the fascia) above the right window. Inspect the mortar joint and upper window trim. I would suspect that...
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    What's a reasonable price to fix a leaky main valve?

    Is there a meter after the gate valve? if there is a meter which probably was installed from water company, would the valve maintenance be on the owners or water company?
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    Fence post for 2 door gate

    This is a new to me home. It's in northern Minnesota so there is a good winter. It looks like either the posts were not installed deep enough but I'm also not understanding the top rail that is connected to the right post. Are there better solutions than the traditional post or to create...
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    stucco hair line cracks

    What tool would you recommend to creating the "V" groove? I'm thinking multitool or die grinder since a hand tool would take a lot of effort.
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    stucco hair line cracks

    As the paint is failing, I've noticed a bunch or hairline cracks. Is this something normal for stucco or something to be concerned with. Wondering if this needs repair prior to applying new paint or just using paint with elastomer.
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    Best way to repair rafter ends

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll glue and clamp before nailing with the palm nailer. The wooden roof and paper are worn out. I'm in the works of trying to schedule a re-roof but would like to minimize additional costs if at all possible. Reroofing is not something I can accomplish.
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    Best way to repair rafter ends

    Thanks bud16415. For nailing in the sister piece, i'm thinking 3" galvanized nail will do.
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    Best way to repair rafter ends

    What's the best way to repair the dry rot on the rafter ends?
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    Replacing Metal gutter on tile roof

    I have a 17ft section of metal gutter that is failing (rusting at the bottom). Would i be able to remove and replace just the gutter without disturbing the tiles much? Sorry don't have any pictures of how it attaches.
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    Crawl space mold removal techniques

    Will add a crawlspace vent fan to help dry it out to start. I'll have to pick a moisture reader and investigate crawl space humidifiers.