Best friend's house burned on Easter five years ago

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Thanks, Eddie. We have the pulls for the cabinets but haven't installed them yet. I need to find my kit for installing. Already have knobs for the bedroom door. Friend took the old door off and is moving it. He likes the oval shaped knob.
The old ceiling fan from the daughter's room (which had blades that went over the bed) was moved to the living room
Her new ceiling fan is in:
stock photo
She has pads specifically for bunk bed ladders on the ladder now. But from before:
I need to get one with the mattress and the gaming chair in place.
I don't have pictures of it, but my friend put up a wall to create a hallway and give his daughter some privacy for her bedroom. She loves it. Still needs the floor fixed and new flooring put in. That carpet doesn't even have pad underneath it and the floor is uneven. Also needs new paint as she no longer likes pink.

Friend wants to change the color of the kitchen cabinets. The gray was something his ex wanted. He & new gf decided they want maroon or some sort of dark red.

I did the layout of the rest of the house (but didn't add doors, windows, or furniture to the newer rooms. Colored the cabinets red (although they said they want something darker).
The crib and most of the furniture are now gone from the nursery. Kid tore stuff apart and they couldn't seem to get rid of the roaches getting into everything.

The Samsung stove stopped working properly (only one burner worked but only had one setting-- super hot). Got a new Hisense Air Fryer convection oven with glass top. Someone pointed out the stove needs to come up a little. Floor slopes down toward the back left corner so much that foot is as high as it can go. Needs shims to go any higher. He plans to drywall over the Relfectix.
I'm going to try to slowly fill in the rest of the house once I have more measurements and find approximations of the furniture (or make models of the furniture). He wants to replace the countertop with butcherblock all the way over to the stove. I think its about 9'. The countertop is sagging and he's not happy with it. Old butcherblock piece can be put in the laundry room as a folding table or something.

This was something I sent to my friend to show how it would look with the 36x30 cabinets and the red color. I have a lot of sketchup plugins. LOL.
The gf wants a white backsplash (smooth frp board) as the backsplash for the rest of the counter.
Friend got a new refrigerator. A Samsung Bespoke side by side with beverage dispenser and internal double ice makers. It's fancy. This is not the final location, this is where they set it to plug in and cool off before they removed the other fridge.
rough sketchup version of where it is now. There isn't actually a completed wall-- it's open studs-- and there is a pool noodle cut open and put on a horizontal 2x4 to protect the fridge door from damage. 1709932949227.png
He built an entertainment center out of 2x4s and 1x12s to have an electric fireplace put in. He still wants to put in a mantle at some point. He built some shelves on the side and I painted the walls.1709933039636.png
In the bathroom he changed out to double rainshowers. The hole for the old shower arm will be filled with a drop ell and he's going to add a handheld later on.1709933167742.png1709933252574.png
He took out the carpet and put in vinyl planks in the hallway. 1709933297891.png
no photos, but I painted most of the hallway. The rest of it needs to be sanded before I can paint it.
I'd recommend keeping that refrigerator connected via an outlet surge protector (for example, The electronics in newer refrigerators are quite sensitive and it is advisable for refrigerators of any brand. (Frankly, they should have that built in and we can hypothesize why they don't...)

I've had a Samsung refrigerator before it started not regulating the temperature correctly within a few months. Based on the sensors that had failed the technician said that was most likely because of a voltage fluctuation (somewhat common due to the storms in that area). It was under warranty and the technician did what he could but it never worked completely right again and he said that those are generally not covered under warranty. So, a surge protector takes away that excuse from them.
Thanks, Ekrig. I'll mention that to him.

Friend just sent me this picture of the magnetic handheld. I thought the drop ell was going to be up top, but I guess this was easier for him to set up.