Brand New Kitchen...Need help with colors!

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Mar 25, 2008
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Hi Everyone. We're remodeling our kitchen from the ground up, floor, appliances, cabinets, counters, backsplash, etc. Here's what we have so far:

Appliances: black (all maytag)
Cabinets: medium maple (see below for example)
Floor: porcelain tile (see below) with dark grout matching color out of countertops, brick pattern
Counters: see below (wilsonart laminate with bevel edge)
Paint: undecided yet for ceiling and walls!!!!!!!!
Backsplash: undecided yet!

I could really use some opinions on what to do with paint. We have a medium/small size kitchen (see rendered views below), and the overall feel I want for the room is sort of warm and laid back, which would vibe with the rest of our house. We're considering a terra cotta color, but wondering if that would be too much/too dark with the black appliances. Any opinions would help greatly!

I have a general idea of what I might want for the backsplash: 45deg pattern with very light tile all the way down to the counters. Do you guys think brick pattern on the floor and 45 pattern on the splash will be too busy? I've been told no but I'm not sure.

Thanks very much for the help...we're getting to our wits end! These pictures are close in color to what we have...depending on monitor color settings of course. :)



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Jun 29, 2010
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Earth tones are always a good way to go with the colors that your are showing for your cabinets, countertops, etc. I would probably go a little lighter on the paint because of the size of the kitchen, this will make it look bigger.



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Mar 28, 2009
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I can't help when it comes to choosing a colour, but what I can tell you is that if this is a kitchen, and you intend to be feeding babies in it, you should opt for the top-of-the-line paint made by whatever paint company you choose.

The reason why is that when it comes to paint films, quality equates to hardness. The harder a paint film is, the better it will stand up to scrubbing to remove marks without losing it's gloss. Also, in general, the harder the paint film, the better it will stand up to wear and tear. So, if you pay more for a latex or oil based paint, one of the things you're buying is a resin that dries to a harder film than you'd get from a less expensive paint. If there are gonna be babies throwing food around in this kitchen, it's best to get a better quality paint that will dry to a harder film that will stand up better to scrubbing.

I would paint the ceiling a white colour in a velvet gloss simply to provide as much reflected light as possible for energy savings. You'll turn on the ceiling light fixtures later in the day if you have more reflected light in the room from the windows, and having a white ceiling provides the most reflected light from the ceiling. You also want to have the ceiling a relatively low gloss because ceiling mounted light fixtures and windows that come within a few inches of the ceiling will cast light onto the ceiling at a sharp angle, thereby exagerating every tiny defect in the ceiling drywalling. Painting the ceiling with a lower gloss paints helps hide all those imperfections in the ceiling drywall or plaster.

For the wall paint, you'd do well to opt for a "ceramic paint". Such paints have ceramic microspheres in them that both help prevent staining of the latex paint, as well as make them stand up better to scrubbing without losing their gloss.
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Sep 8, 2010
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Beige would look good in your kitchen. We have a very similar layout to yours in our kitchen, with the same colour fridge freezer... I would suggest buying a few small pots of paint, painting the colours in different parts of the kitchen and leave it a couple of days. Hopefully you'll get a feel for what colour suits best. This is what we did, and I picked the colour that I thought would be the least suitable to begin with! Good luck!