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I wonder if you can get a youtube or instagram channel for your dog. I bet he'd be pretty popular. He's very photogenic and adorable. Not sure how people make $ off of that, but somehow some people do it. LOL.

Haha I'm not sure why people pay people for that stuff, but pretty sure I wouldn't be one of them. I'm not very big into that social media stuff either, what I share in regards of the's all for a smile, kind of takes away from it then hey. :)
Yeah, that makes sense. You wouldn't want to make a job out of it and make it feel like an obligation instead of just for fun. You'd be surprised what people pay for though. There are all sorts of youtube channels with people's pets.
If I didn't have such stringent bandwidth restrictions, I'd consider uploading videos & more pics of my pets. I don't know if any of them are as photogenic as your dog though. LOL.
Hi, I have just read your problem. I think I am too late to reply. :(
It seems that your experience was too bad with the contractor. The same thing just happened with me. What is the step you took against the contractor? I don't think press will be a good option for that. I will go to the agency and use the social media and destroy their online reputation. I think it will be better. What you say?

I called the police and got an attorney. The police normally don't get involved [civil], but they were so angry by what they saw, they called osha. It didn't help me too much directly, but it did get some indirect justice. Was some talk going to the press, but didn't happen. He pretty much ruined his own reputation....I wasn't the only one he did this to, and he was called out online within his own community [as well as surrounding] and he quickly retreated into hiding to another state. He slowly crept back, but I don't think he's stupid enough to dabble into contracting again.