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Sep 1, 2014
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I thought my next post would be a happy one, sharing my new and improved home. But all I have is this, as the contractor ran and destroyed my life.

Please, don't talk down to me on what I *should* have done, I have enough people doing that and the depression is so bad...I don't think it's going to take much more to push me over that edge.

All I wanted was to feel's so hard being all alone.

Local District Attorney is first call. Then the local church to see if somebody will lend you a hand (try it).

Hope you can find a compassionate soul to stand up for you. If you lived in my community, I'd organize one big work party for you :)
If he had finished it there still would have been problems with what we can see already.
Shoulda, woulda, coulda aside, what can we do to help.
Right now we need to get the house covered and water tight, some insulation. And then figure out what your next steps are.
We do feel the pain, and mostly that is why most of us are here to help.
What would you like to know from us?
What was he hired to do?
What did or didn't he do?
First thing I did was call county attorney, which told me to call police...wasn't real sure why, as I all ready knew it was a civil matter but the cop was sympathetic enough to make some calls to at least try to stop him from harming others [he did it to a couple others as well, I was just hit the hardest].

I am legally disabled, so I applied for state legal aide, and the first call I got was very belittling. The attorney spent most the time making me feel 2 inches tall and telling me it was doubtful any attorney would take my case. The next attorney that called wasn't as harsh, but still said it was doubtful they would take the case but would see what could be done. I was approved to have an attorney in my area give advice on the contract ONLY, and that is also only if a local attorney agrees to do it for free. I haven't heard anything back on that yet.

A friend has been trying to get habitat of humanities attention, but the branch that covers my area is so small and disorganized that it appears to also not be an option. Many in the community know what happened and I have found most distance themselves, including my own family. So I wasn't really asking or expecting anything, I was just feeling really really bad and I don't know what to do any more.

I think most feel I got what I deserved, and I guess I really can't argue with that. I was very rushed on this, I am too trusting and I screwed up.

To try to answer the questions, he was hired to do the siding, fence, windows, front door, another door so I had another way out and he was suppose to have a guy that worked with him to do the fusebox. He was suppose to do some other stuff as well, but it's not down on paper so just going on what is. He put in the front door, that doesn't work...I have to force lock it by putting weight on the bottom just so the top deadbolt will lock [the bottom knob part won't latch at all]. He put in one window, took out another window and left it with just plywood. He put some drywall up in one room, but it's not flush on one corner and unfinished [no plastering, sanding, texture, paint, etc]. He did a wire he wasn't suppose to [he told me he was licensed to and then after said 'don't tell anyone.' Same with a wire down in basement for central unit] and I now hear a loud snapping/popping noise from it every so often...I imagine it was done improperly too.
Call the local TV station, most cities have at least one that love to bring human interest stories like this. Two things can happen, the guy that did this shoddy work will have some heat on him making it hard to scam others and maybe a group will see the story and champion your cause of improving things and making your house right. Just a thought.
where is your area? , I would volunteer my labor. sorry to hear it. you can file a small claims on him.
best thing to do with a guy like that, have some else call him, to look at some work. when he gets to their house.

have a hand to mouth talk with him.
is the guy on face book ? slam him hard.
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I believe the media is your best bet in this case. Not just TV but the local newspapers too. Here is what you should do:

1. Write up a brief, succinct one-page explanation of what happened. Dates, bullet points, main events only. Include your name and contact info. If you do not know how, I can do it for you ... Message me your contact information.

2. Invite the TV and newspaper to visit the house, take video, pictures, etc. Explain the damage to you and the house. If you have a church affiliation, invite them too. You might also invite your neighbors to be there to say "SHAME" on the contractor who hurt you. The added people give seriousness to the story.

3. Make a public plea for two things: (1) weatherizing and fixing the house, (2) stopping this crook from hurting anyone else.
heck man, put his name on this forum

just say what he did. He can not sue you for telling the truth. only if you lie.

the truth is the best defence to a slander suit.

Judge Judy said that!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know if I could handle media attention...I write fairly ok [is how I learned to 'talk'], but when it comes to talking and having a camera pointed on me-not so well, I tend to dissociate under direct stress. I'm just not sure I can handle the humiliation of it all?

I've thought about making a gofundme page, but as I got half way felt tacky asking for myself and there are people in much greater need that deserve help so much more.

If I could get the materials, I had hopes my friend could help me find volunteers to finish up the work...though we did try that route once before [for smaller jobs, before all this happened] and his volunteers left me stranded after buying all the materials with no explanation....that's another story.

The contractor wouldn't talk to me at all. He tried to have his wife collect his tools he left here and told her I would only release them to him...he never came to collect. Instead he blocked me on fb and started liquidating all their belongings and moved out of state. There wasn't a thing I could do, but watch.

Another friend asked a mutual friend we grew up with, to come help me move some stuff to the basement to give me more room [very cramped and I'm basically living in one room with 3 dogs, but they are my family...I don't know what I'd do if they weren't here despite the discomfort] and to ask her church and connections if there were any way to help...she told me there wasn't really anything and suggested looking into grants [which I haven't really found much yet].

Sorry so long, I appreciate you guys listening and not jumping me...took 10 years to take this step, and it was suppose to 'empower' me to feel I could start doing other things. My ex-therapist was wrong. Now I'm chasing bats and mice out of my house, waiting for it to burn down...I've never felt so defeated and afraid.
Applebear, there's not one of the regular posters here that doesn't feel bad about the experience you've encountered. People who scam folks like you should have a special place in hell as far as I'm concerned. All to often I hear of people who have someone take their money only to leave them with shattered dreams and a mess to clean up.

Here's the thing, you have to take ownership of the fact, you screwed up. You hired the wrong guy to make renovations and they didn't turn out. So what, we've all made mistakes. I've made tons over my life. I did it, not someone else. I've moved on.

The thing is, you have a mess and it needs to be weatherized before things get worse. You don't have to be a TV personality, just tell your story. Want things to get better, take ownership and start the process of making your life better. I'm not beating you up, but if you want a pity party we can't help with that. We can advise you on how to take a step forward that will improve your quality of life.

I went to a hockey game the other night in Nashville and followed in 3 disabled vets who didn't have lower limbs. They walked under their own power with the assist of artificial limbs, didn't ask for special treatment, only wanted to watch a hockey game. They took ownership of their situation, moved on and didn't make excuses.

A bad thing happened, so what, lets make it better.
I don't have a problem owning up to my mistakes, but it is hard for me to feel I don't deserve help because of them. I wasn't asking for a pity party, it took me awhile to come here and just talk about it. I have tried to find solutions with help of a few friends without burdening anyone too much. I have all ready done most of what was suggested here, and those things were REALLY hard...but the media thing really triggered me, but it wasn't for the reasons being implied.

It's not about worrying about what I look like or say on tv, it's just being truthful that I mentally shut down and can't talk. People with no limbs can get artificial, but there are no artificial voice boxes. I don't mean to, but my mind just shuts down...I've had my ex slamming me up against things by the throat demanding I talk and I just can't. As my therapist said, he has never met such a severe case and we learned to communicate by writing...which is how I learned to talk way back before my teens. I can't undo that damage that fast, even vets with no limbs take a long time to go through the process of accepting, learning and walking again. My disability is different, but just as crippling...

I'm not against the idea, just trying to explain it may not be possible. Can other people speak for you? Can they just quote some things you write down? Are pictures of the house enough? Just talking and having a camera pointed at me is really bad. It's not about admitting I made a mistake...I think most know I take full responsibility. But it's the inability to *literally* vocalize. I over write because that is how I learned to 'talk.' In person, I am very quiet and shut down.

If I don't have to be on camera, and someone can help guide me there...then I would feel better about looking at that option. Maybe I could talk about the steps with someone in a little more detail if still willing? I think I will talk about this with my therapist as well, about options how to work around the talking issue.

PS Just so you know, I am not offended at all by your response.
Well maybe the tv route isnt the best approach at this point. Newspapers have reporters who also love human interst stories. Im sure theres someone local who would be more than willing to help if they knew your plight. Please know we wish you nothing but the best.
Thank you, I appreciate it. Has given me a lot to think about.
Allow yourself to get angry, throw a fit or two and then decide on what you can do. Don't try to do anything, just do it. Sometimes you fail, you just have to do something else. You went ahead and did something here that failed, you had lot's of help with that failure so it is ok to be angry. I hope you have contacted Call me Villa
Yeah it's hard for me to just let myself get angry, but I think you are right. And I do think I'll be messaging callmevilla and looking into maybe some less abrasive ways to get some attention on the matter. I also realize I need to get some protection for that side, though I'm not sure had black mold on the wall he busted out. I imagine it's covered on that side [if you see towards the end where it has no plywood, that is pretty rotted out from the old siding being popped up and allowing weather in], but I would like to keep it from coming any further into the home if possible. I was looking into usda grants last night, there's an application fee...does anyone know anything about them?

Frodo where were you from?

I just got a message last night from friend stating some news on the contractor...appears he's getting a *little* karma. It's a start. He's now in Washington...those living there, please be careful.
Yes I suspect he covered stuff he should have and maybe that sheet will have to come off for a better look. But for now we want to get some house wrap or a tarps to just cover it up to protect you your stuff and the rest of the house for the winter.