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May 21, 2019
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Winnipeg, MB
So I have removed the broken deck and want to build a new one, with the same dimensions but I have a problem.

1. My deck is below 24" so I dont need a permit (like the old one).
My hight over the ground is 18". from the patio door.
If I calculate down I am going to use 5/16 for the decking, then the joist then the beam. (using 2 by 6) I am getting 7 1/4 for the post size.
But the internet search shows that the post should be at least 12" in order not to split it when I connect it to the beam.
What should it be?

2. I already have concrete pads from the old deck, but they have an overhang of 3ft 1/2, and the code in Winnipeg says that it should be 2 ft but only if it has a roofed structure over it. I am planning to put pergola, so no roof. But I still do not understand can I reuse the old pads? or they are located wrong?


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Feb 5, 2013
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Erie, PA
First off welcome to the forum.

I think you meant to say 5/4 for the decking. It sounds like you are going to start with foundation and then posts, then beams, then joists going 90 degrees to the beams, then decking on top. This would be a stacked method of construction.

With the existing pads being set inboard you will have 3’ of the beams cantilevered out instead of 2’ you are reading about.

First off the deck is low and according to you wont require a permit or inspection and by the sounds of it is free standing and will not be attached to the house or touching the house in any way.

I would work around the pads you already have as that is a big expense and a lot of DIY work changing that if you don’t have to. I don’t think a foot is going to make much difference. You didn’t mention the overall size or spans between posts and that will factor into beam and joist sizing.

Are you planning on 6x6 or 4x4 as posts and are your pad above grade and do they have a way to attach the posts?

Pictures of what you have now and maybe a sketch of what you are thinking of building would help us give you better suggestions.

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