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    We're renovating our guest bathroom and need a shower door. We demolished the old bathroom so now it's down to 2X4's. The bathroom is very small and we need to make sure that the door we pick will fit. Also, we want a frameless pivot door since (i) we have too little space for a sliding type; (ii) we want as little framing that would accumulate mold, dirt etc as posisble.

    Some questions:
    1. I read somewhere that "The pivot side should be opposite the showerhead". Why is this important? What if it's more convenient for us to have the pivot on the same side as the showerhead?
    2. How exactly from the 2X4's are we supposed to measure to figure out whether the door (e.g. Sterling Plumbing: Finesse) would fit?
    3. I went to HDepot and looked at doors they had on display. They only had a couple of pivot doors shown and all of them seemed very wobbly when I opened them. Is this because the glass was very thin? Would 1/4" thick glass be thick enough to avoid this?

    Later I will try to post pix of the what the bathroom looks like now, but I don't have any right now...

    Thanks much!

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