Fixing Sloppy Spackling

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Jan 4, 2009
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The former owner of my townhouse was told she didn't have to repair any nail holes, etc. Sadly, she did me the "favor" of doing so anyway--very badly--and painted her handywork with the custom paints she left me in mason jars. I actually consider myself one of the world's best hole repair people on the planet. Definitely could have done a superior job, but how can I fix these? The texture is heavy knock-down, which usually lends well to patching, but not big smoothed over patches. She hung A LOT of stuff and it looks atrocious!

I was thinking I could lightly sand through the paint and maybe a damp rag would soften the spackle enough to chip or scrape away, but not affect the dry wall so much. But if there's some other process that yields a good result, I'm all ears!

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