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^ it's funnier if you imagine the boy asked the question and the girl said to get her a beer
Ladies when shopping keep purses attached to you. Or if you want to have some fun with a thief, take a carabiner and discretely clip one of the straps to your shopping cart. Then if some grabs the purse and runs they'll be dragging the whole cart. Which is your cue to scream, mace and kick the crap out of them! Have fun. Or just clip an old purse and be careless and ready for confrontation.
I don't remember where I saw this or heard this, But Lorie and I think it's brilliant... We don't have these problems, anything never disappears from our front step... Could sit there for weeks. Anyways what we saw was this guy taking his Amazon box, downstairs, filling it with dirty cat litter, taping it back up... and then putting it out on his front steps, so the Amazon Pirate jumps in and steals it... Guess he does this every few months... Just an idea... if anyone has problems with these pirates...
Men who lack female supervision sometimes ...

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Yuck. In a previous career I was sometimes a camera operator for TV crews and occasionally we shot Motorcross in indoor arenas. The whole arena would fill up with exhaust fumes, it was awful. (I like that gasoline smell but after 30 seconds of not being able to escape from it it's not so nice anymore.) If that is a real photo, i.e. the result of something someone actually did, then I am thoroughly horrified.
I think the truth is a lot of kids used to die in playground accidents. Maybe there's something to be said for trading off safetyism for grit & independence, and goodness knows I like to see my kids taking little risks and trying today what they were too scared to try yesterday, but at a certain point I'd rather have a slightly sheltered kid who's alive and well than a toughened up one who's lying on the ground with a broken neck.