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Nov 4, 2010
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Chiliwack BC Canada
I went out today to help a friend put up three panels that had blown down in the wind.
I had told them where to buy them ant to include one full sized 4x4 post to replace one that was rotten.

As the rest of the fence had come from Home Depot a few years ago they decided to go back to them so everything would look the same.

They were similar to what I'm used to but the ones I get always have treated 2x4 instead of ceder.

The 2x4s on these panels had a strange reddish color but I paid little attention to them as I was still upset because the 3 1/2 inch post left me 1/2" short,
Then I got the last panel and had to cut it to fit and then I noticed that the wood was white in the saw cut.
They had taken regular untreated SPF 2x4, brushed them to look like rough sawn, cut them to size and stained them to look like cedar.

I then had a look at the rest of the fence that was only a few years old maybe 6 or 7, rot everywhere in the 2x4s, and it will not last much longer.

Just so you know.


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