Painting ceramic wall tile in bathroom/shower, want to make sure I'm thinking of everything

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Sep 20, 2016
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I've done some research on this. I know that prep work is the key. I am willing to make sure the prep work is done correctly, and am willing to wait longer for things to dry, cure etc. if I need to. I do have some questions and some general thoughts. I welcome your feedback and experiences to share.

I know the tiles must be extra clean and then sanded before any priming can begin. Most things I have seen say use 220 grit sandpaper. Wouldn't I want to start with something a little coarser? Like 100? The idea is to scuff the tile so the paint adheres better. Wouldn't a coarser grit be better at scuffing them?

As far as a final coat; what if (after a week or so afterwards), I apply an oil-based polyurethane or sealer? Wouldn't that help protect the tile and make it more durable longer lasting? No articles or tutorials mention this. To me it makes sense. Is there a reason NOT to do it?

Would I want to use an oil base paint, or an exterior latex paint for durability?

I'm trying to think outside the box so I can achieve lasting results.

Thanks for your help!


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Jan 8, 2011
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Just my own personal opinion coming from someone that has been working on houses for over 40 years.
Just a really bad idea to try and DIY paint any tile.
I've seen it far to many times.
#1, It's going to look like painted tile, there no way to not also paint over the grout lines.
There's company's that that's all they do is reglaze tubs and tiles that involves acid etching that will last far longer.

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