Recommendations for RTA work bench

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Mar 25, 2008
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I'm looking for a low/moderately priced work bench for my basement work/storage area. A drawer or 2 and/or a pedestal with a cabinet or drawers would be ideal. I'm looking for something about 6 ft wide.

I don't need something with a super high load capacity or anything like that. I'd love a nice butcher block top but I don't want to spend a fortune so that isn't necessary either. A thinner wood top will have to suffice. :mad:

I'm looking to spend in the 2-300 dollar range at most. I know this won't get me a super high quality bench, but like I said it'll be used for tool/stuff storage mostly and not for really heavy duty projects.

Does anyone have any good recommendations on where to look for something like this?

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