"Sloppy" valve needs turns to flow

Discussion in 'Plumbing Forum' started by edlank, Apr 18, 2011.

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    The hot valve in one bathroom faucet requires 1 1/4 turns before the water starts to flow, and another 1/2 turn to get medium flow. The cold water valve gives good flow at 1/4 turn. I have had both apart, and there is no obvious difference. Both washers have been replaced, and that made no difference. The hot valve turns off in less than the full 1 1/4 turn, but still feels mushy and everyone in the family keeps turning it further until it meets more resistance and feels more firm. At 2 turns out, the hot water valve gives very brisk flow, so it is not a restriction elsewhere limiting the flow.

    What is wrong so that the hot water valve takes so many turns to turn on? It has the same thread pitch (but opposite handedness) as the cold valve. I have had no valve behave this way for me.

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