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So today I saw an add for a room for rent. It got me thinking and trying to imagine what I would do with myself if I was a renter. I wouldn't have any home projects going on which would free up about 50 hours a week.
As much as I hate the home projects, I am worried that I will have nothing to do when everything is finished. Drink?
I would probably do what I used to do and work in the garage.
I did a lot back when I lived in an apartment with a one car garage across the parking lot. Don't know how I did it but I swapped motors and rebuilt many things. Now it is just easier and cleaner. Seems I add a car every time I move, I now have a four car garage and want more.
The grade school I went to was converted into “senior living” and I took my mom to look around as her house for just her was too much upkeep. As I walked around I saw the happiest women looking around just chomping at the bit to get a unit. The guys on the other hand were all looking at the ground dreading moving. I overheard one old guy say well where would I put my compressor and his wife said silly you don’t need a compressor you are going to relax. I felt sorry for these guys thinking the women have a community room and crafts and stuff they like the guys get TV and that’s about it. I’m glad my girlfriend is 26 years younger than me by the time she’s ready for crafts I will be ready to just sit and watch the grass grow.
Most women don't understand that when the projects are forever over, so are our lives.
Thats why I have five acres now. By the time I get it all landscaped and looking good, it will take the rest of my life just to upkeep it.
Optical allusion. That's about three feet of the harth. But yeah it's also normally on the porch. I'm lazy tonight.
I ran new power to the pool today. Idiot previous owner had used thin wall conduit under the concrete about 10 years ago. The conduit had turned to rust and it was just a matter of time before we had a major short. We ran new conduit to the new sub-panel next to the pool equipment, and installed a new timer for the pool. We also increased wire size and included a new circuit so I can separate all the lights, fan, fridge and other outdoor stuff from one breaker to two breakers.