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There's just something about 3,620 AA or AAA lithium batteries that suggest many single points of failure to me.
I think they are 18650's, but yeah... If one goes, then what?

All battery packs are AA or 18650's or something like that, and until they can design the big batteries with the same tech as our regular car batteries, it won't work.
Yeah we should re-prohibit alcohol so we can get some murderous liquor personalities too. Don't ya just miss that sweetheart Al Capone?
Alcohol is a natural substance in the body... your body makes about a pint of it daily in its normal chemical reactions... all the other crap doesn't belong in your body...
Capone was just a typical Democrat criminal...
Alcohol is a natural substance in the body... your body makes about a pint of it daily in its normal chemical reactions... all the other crap doesn't belong in your body...
Capone was just a typical Democrat criminal... likely even a cocainehead...
My research says the body makes up to an ounce of alcohol daily but usually less. All done in the gut. But what does that have to do with consuming alcohol? Your body producess carbon dioxide too but too much of that and you're dead. You have to have oxygen to live but too much can kill you too. Same with water. Alcohol as an intoxicant is no different than Marijuana or many other drugs, responsible use you're fine, abusive use and you have problems. Alcohol is after all THE gateway drug. I know several people that have had drug abuse problems including death by overdose. My first cousin died a couple weeks ago, didn't OD but was a junkie so long it destroyed his health. I know at least twice as many people that have destroyed their lives from alcohol abuse. Every drug addict I have ever known started with a drink. Don't you think we should bring back alcohol prohibition?
Alcohol as an intoxicant is no different than Marijuana or many other drugs

Alcohol is after all THE gateway drug.
Nope... alcohol is natural in the body... the other stuff isn't... and using the other stuff is meant to give you bad judgement...
THE Gateway Addiction is Religion Addiction... if you can get someone addicted to something that stupid, you can get them addicted to ANYTHING !!!
"Gateway drug" is a stupid non-idea, a brain disease really. "This guy's on crack now, but what did he start with?" "Well, two years ago he had his first sip of whiskey." "Ah but the year before that he smoked a cigarette!" "Yes, but prior to that he tasted Cheetos for the first time!" "Go back earlier and he was a big fan of baby food!" "Maybe so, but it was the breast-milk that led to that." "I'm pretty sure he was gulping some amniotic fluid long before he ever tasted breast-milk."

Everywhere "gateway drug theory" has been scientifically tested it has been shown to be fraudulent, barely distinguishable from noise, etc.


Today I emptied out my eldest's broken dresser, hauled it out of her bedroom, and started assembling the new one that will replace it. Got most of the way done but have a work meeting coming up in a few minutes. Just need to build the drawers; I'll do that later tonight.
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"Gateway drug" is a made up fabrication that was tailored to Marijuana and Marijuana only because Marijuana is the only substance that threatens Big Pharma's profit. There were never commercials saying "Coke is a Gateway drug to Meth" or "Bud Light is a Gateway drug to Jack Daniels"...

It's as fake as a $3 Bill.

"Gateway person" is the truthful term, because Tom might crave Coke after smoking a joint, but I never knew anybody that smoked that craved anything else. People that I knew didn't really even drink. MJ was it, and they didn't crave it either. Every single one of them was employed and after the bills were paid, they bought some. They didn't need it, though. I knew one guy that lost his job and there went his "habit" of smoking MJ... No big deal.

People are different, AKA you might know someone that can't live without MJ, but I never have, and I worked in Restaurants, AKA the easiest place to find a hookup for MJ.
Drug warring is a RELIGION! Drug prohibition and all the arguments for it are a set of FANTASIES and MYTHS sold to gullible FEARFUL people to advance the agenda of a set of powerful centralized interests! Those who continue to support drug prohibition in spite of all the evidence are ADDICTS! The drug war was invented, and always supported, by EVIL CATHOLIC DEMOCRATS! Think about it Buzz.
@Spicoli43 the biggest reason, and why I have installed ventless rangehoods twice, is that the vent goes to the attic and then in the air, it doesn't lead outside anywhere. The reason I haven't put a microwave in, is because the kitchen needs renovated and I don't want to spend that kind of money on a microwave yet..... also, I may move the stove when I get around to doing the kitchen. The floor has to be ripped up, and as you can tell I need to redrywall. One wall has had mold damage years ago, which is why the floors need ripped up. There was a leak that noone told me about when I didn't live here.

The guy is here now, chopping down a bush and loading it up. I am soo excited to be getting this all taken care of.

I went to the courthouse today, got a supervisor this time. She told me I had everything I needed, however..... I have to send the medicaid estate recovery stuff in first before I can file the summary release from administration. So... gonna work on that this weekend. See if I can just email the paperwork instead of mail it, or fax it.
But at least I know that I found everything I needed.

Hope everyone is having a great day!
I know they sell extenders and they have things where you can lower the sewing machine so that it is level with the top & have a drop-in sleeve type thing that goes around it.
Yesterday was my birthday. My mother eventually remembered in the late afternoon. She then told my brother. My sister actually remembered and called later in the evening. I wasn't feeling well so I was sleeping. Stomach was in knots for some reason.
I cleaned my bathroom floor and keep trying to remove some of the stains to no avail. I'll just have to cover them up.
Today I got to make more progress on the woodworking project I'm so excited about. Rough pieces are now glued up.
I just figured out I have to eat Bananas for years. I don't like Bananas. I don't like Bananas whole, I don't like Bananas on Toast, I don't like Bananas sliced on Cereal, I don't like them at all, Sam I am.

A Banana peel is the only thing I have found that the Cats won't go near. Their little eyes squint, their noses wrinkle, their heads retract as much as possible, and they back up to get away...

So, where I place a Banana peel, they won't go, like my Island that I prepare food on.

At least my Dog likes them so I can give him some.
Good afternoon KIds or I guess it's good evening...
How are we all doing this Saturday evening... I am really not sure where the day has gone... Haven't really slept in the last 48 hours... Exhausted, and hope to sleep tonight... Well, the kids and the grandkids just left, they came here for Thanksgiving dinner tonight and will be going to their inlaws tomorrow... Tomorrow we have my sister and brother-in-law, with their 2-year-old Grand Daughter...

By tomorrow night, I will have had enough turkey and ham till Christmas... Not a BIG fan of them both... But will be ok... I have to remember to put the new water filter in the fridge tomorrow... not in the right frame to do it tonight... It's not hard, but don't have a lot of patience right now... Just getting ready to stream the hockey game tonight...

@RedneckGrump, Every time I have tried slow cooking I have ended up with welldone and less flavor that's why I tried the rocket grill experiment.
The way we do it in the oven or on the grill (BBQ) and it turns out perfect every time... We coat the roast in butter, and with all our favourite spices... We preheat the oven to 500, or the grill to 500... Put it in for .5 hours, just enough time to snere it, and lock the juices into the roast... and then we turn off the heat, and let it cook... Keep checking it to see how the insides look... We love our roasts medium rare... The butter and spices should soak into your roast... and every time we do that, we can cut it with a fork,, and it melts in your mouth...
Yesterday was my birthday.


I hope it was a GREAT day @zannej and that YOU are feeling much better...

Hope everyone that the remaining of Saturday is good to YOU, and that the remaining of the weekend is GREAT!!!

I had leg cramps for years after my bilateral knee replacements. My doc prescribed one banana a day with my pain pills, and since, have not had a leg cramp. I'm beginning to hate them, but I consider it my daily medicine.