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What is the egg in the hole technique? I suck at flipping eggs.

Hammerpedia is a good site and the youtube videos are always good.

I've tried those foam covers but they were a waste of $ bc they won't stay on. Wind blows them right off no matter how tight I put them and the cows bump them off if the wind doesn't get them.

Monday I took my brother to the doctor. He's on the verge of getting pneumonia. Doc prescribed more nebulizer meds & some antibiotics. Wrote a scrip for replacement nebulizer parts since some broke on my brother's one. Went to Walmart after to get groceries. He went to pharmacy to ask about nebulizer parts but forgot to ask about his meds. Walmart said they didn't have them (but later told me they can order them for $35 plus tax-- suggested local drugstore might have parts). We got frozen stuff & bro got mad at me for not wanting to go back in to see about his meds. Not my fault he forgot to ask.

He woke me up early this morning wanting me to take him to the pharmacy as he's too sick to drive. Was coughing up blood with his mucus. He was very impatient while waiting for me to get up and get dressed. Normally I can get out the door in a couple minutes but my body is aching and not cooperating. I had trouble just getting out of bed. Went in and got his prescriptions & then to the local drugstore for nebulizer parts. Bro didn't like the ones I got so I went back in and clerk apologized & said the other parts were more expensive (they were a whole $5). I guess living in such a low income area that $5 can break the bank. Bro griped that his meds need to be taken with food so I stopped and grabbed food from a local place. Got some for Mom as well.

Got home and nearly wiped out trying to go in the door. Wind blew the rain up on the porch & made it slick. (Original portion of the porch was done with a very smooth texture & the top step was broken by tenants & replaced with a cutout from the top of a concrete septic tank). I slipped and hurt my already messed up shoulder catching myself.

Went to get grab a bottle of water from mom from the case I set in the living room only to discover it was empty. Brother apparently drank the last one. Went to go get the case that was sitting in the front room only to discover that my brother drank the entire case and didn't bother to tell me. He's not supposed to drink the bottled water bc he has filtered water pitchers but he's been too lazy to fill them lately. If I'd known I would have tried to bring in another case before it rained. Bro told me I should just go out and get another case but it was still too wet and slippery & I'm not about to break my neck to get a case of water. He hasn't helped bring in the cases for weeks. I was further annoyed when I opened the fridge to get something out and an empty milk container fell on my head. Looked up and realized my brother has been throwing trash on top of the fridge again. The trash can is within throwing distance. So, that, on top of having shoulder pain and being tired, made me pretty cranky. Had to go find something else for Mom to drink and I'm hoping it will be dry tomorrow so I can get the water brought in.

Bro just came in and complained about it being too hot in the house. I told him weeks ago the outside compressor isn't working. AC guy still hasn't returned calls.
What is the egg in the hole technique? I suck at flipping eggs.
'Egg in the hole' is simple. You cut a hole in a slice of bread with a biscuit cutter. Toast one side in butter in the frying pan. Flip the bread and break an egg into the hole then when it comes time to flip the egg stays in the hole. You also toast the cutout piece and maybe eat with jelly. Now I've got to figure out how to cook two eggs, maybe use a griddle or a larger pan. I only had one slice of bread so I only did one egg today.
I have trouble flipping bread sometimes. LOL. Probably because I use silicone spatulas and they are a bit thicker than metal ones. I have to use something to keep the item I want to flip from sliding in order to flip.

As an aside, I ordered a broom and dustpan combo from amazon. The dustpan folds up to be out of the way, has a ring on it that allows me to attach the broom to it for easier storage, and the dustpan has a plastic rake-like piece on it to scrap hair and lint off of the broom. The broom itself is meh but the rake works really well to clear crud from the broom and make it drop into the dustpan. I may get a different broom to go with it as this one is smaller than average and doesn't have an angle so it doesn't sweep as well as angled brooms, but the dustpan part was worth it. I wish I had a 3d printer to make more of those plastic rake things to attach to my my other dustpans. The hair & lint not coming off is one of my major frustrations with sweeping.
I have decided that my body is no longer allowed to eat Turkey and all the fixing things. Ever again. The family has been notified that the accepted food will be authentic Mexican or authentic Italian with room for more authentic food. They have been given a FULL MONTH to figure out what they want to do, but I'm on Turkey Strike.

Why? Because it's BRUTALLY BORING, that's why.
Good Morning Folks...
Not a lot new since I wrote yesterday... But today I am going to start laying 2out the dishwasher which I don't have yet... But since the dishwasher is going besides the stove, on the other side of the kitchen. The dishwasher will have its own water line, which I will take a right off the waterline in pex... And the drain, I will run right across the ceiling and put it into the main drain...

Other than that, Oh yeah, gotta wait for the guy who bought the other truck...

Well Foks, I hope YOU all have a wonderful day... and should we send out a search for @shan2themax

I forgot to mention, Redneckgrump, that sometimes dishwashers are only 21" wide. They have more compact ones. So, its best to measure as best as you can.. Is your dishwasher going to be anywhere near the sink?

I hope Shan is ok. I imagine she's busy with life and getting things sorted at the house.

I heard my brother go outside last night a few times. I hoped that maybe he might have brought a case of water in. Nope. It was no longer wet out so I was able to go unload the water from the truck. Went out and discovered that the jerk had just opened up a case of water and taken several bottles out. Having the case opened and weight unevenly distributed can make it harder to carry in.

As I was unloading the water our friend rolled up. No comment on the fact that I wasn't wearing pants. He said he was there to pick my brother up. I said I thought my brother was too sick and he said my brother messaged him that he wanted to go into work. He's going to be pretty useless I'm sure. But I guess he wants some hours. I'm building a walmart pickup order so I don't have to go into the store bc I am exhausted and sweaty. Friend must have been tired bc normally he'd hop out and help me with unloading stuff. Got all 5 cases in and took one case to the living room so Mom won't gripe about not having water anymore.

I couldn't sleep most of the night so I'm about to take a nap.
Well, as I predicted, my brother was too sick to work. He was coughing so hard his manager told him to go home, take care of himself, and get better. Said she would find someone to cover his shifts the rest of the week. Friend brought him back a couple of hours after picking him up.
And apparently my friend did notice I didn't have pants because he sent me a gif from Lord of the Rings saying "The beacons are lit, Gondor calls for aid" (reference to a comic strip about a girl so pale that the nerd in the group yelled that when her skin was exposed).

Meanwhile, friend picked up his gf's phone for some reason (I think bc it was on the floor or in the way) and saw it was unlocked & she had messages open to the guy who fathered her most recent baby. She was really trash-talking my friend in the messages. And the guy was griping that all she does is trash-talk my friend and he knows that she trash-talks him to my friend and he's tired of that crap. Speaking of crap, apparently the baby crapped all over the gf and my friend laughed his butt off and then told her he wanted her out of his house. His mom said she wants her out and that she will babysit the grandkids (not the baby that isn't his though). He was at work less than an hour today when she was messaging him and calling and griping about the baby crying and how she couldn't deal with it and was too stupid to figure out how to load a syringe to the 3rd line to give the baby some medicine for gas. I'm sure he'll cave and not kick her out, but I'm glad his mom is on it and offering to take care of the kids. She's been more reliable since she split with her longtime grifter boyfriend.
Finally got a dimmer switch and installed it in the dining room. She gave me 3 years of grief which was fixed in 5 minutes.
Also went to Home Depot and purchased rye grass seed for our upcoming rains. There were only 4 bags left, and all had little holes in the bags. The manager walked by and told me to grab the biggest bag, and he would only charge me $15 for it. I found a huge 50 pound bag of grass seed, with a pen size hole at the top of the bag, and got it for $15. Regular price was $67.
A friend buys country sausage gravy from Amazon in 105 oz cans and portions it out for freezing.. I don't know what it is but real gravy it ain't. He gave me enough frozen to top four biscuit halves. I ate some this morning on toast (home baked bread) and it was passable but not quite the real deal. I baked biscuits this evening only to find found the 'gravy' to be thin and watery. I checked Amazon finding it to be a 'fat free' product. I think my friend doesn't know the difference because he has been eating gravy biscuits at a restaurant that prolly uses the same fake gravy. Real gravy starts with a flour and fat roux and gets thicker if left over rather than thinner.

Hey everyone! I am alive and well.... just finishing up my work week.... I work 12 hours shifts, 3 days on, one day off, three days on... so today is my Friday! Woot woot.

I'll get back with you all tomorrow. Gonna clock out and head to the house.... it has been super crazy at work the past 2 days, today especially
I like the dried chipped beef version but not so much the ground beef version.
Ground for me... We took care of the cooks, providing their Copenhagen and Cigs in exchange for Buttered Eggs and SOS... The only problem was running into cooks that couldn't be bribed because they didn't do anything fun like chew or smoke or drink. Then we didn't even get good Coffee, just standard Mermite...

The best Coffee was a canteen cup with 2 packs of instant coffee, a pack of Cocoa, 2 Sugars and a shot of whatever syrup they had... Boiled on the heater exhaust of the Abrams, or if in the wild, standard biscuits / heat tabs...

Now, I brew 2 days worth of Coffee at once, doesn't even phase me. Once you had Army Coffee, you cant get worse.
Hey everyone! I am alive and well.... just finishing up my work week.... I work 12 hours shifts, 3 days on, one day off, three days on... so today is my Friday! Woot woot.

I'll get back with you all tomorrow. Gonna clock out and head to the house.... it has been super crazy at work the past 2 days, today especially
That’s a tough schedule Shan!
@Ron Van it can be, but then I also get 7 days off in a row. I loved when I was part-time, when my back was at it worst. I worked Sat-Sun 12 hour shifts and then off for 5 days.
Working in healthcare can be very rewarding, but I have never worked somewhere were people could openly belittle you, verbally, physically or mentally abuse you, or bully you, yet you are still expected to have a smile, be. Harming and either continue working with them (coworkers) or continue to wait on them hand and foot, while being abused. Healthcare is a toxic environment. We do have a few signs posted stated it isn't tolerated, however people don't care. When you have 6 patients and 1 is total care, and 2 others are incontinent, and 2 are a fall risk and 1 is a walkie talkie..... who has time to stop what they are doing, call security and wait for them to show up?
I am so very thankful to not be on the floor in that capacity anymore.

Idk what was going on in the world the last 2 days but it was wild at work.

We had a period of lockdown yesterday. Idk the reason why, someone said there was a shooting at a hospital across town. We did have 2 gunshot victims at different times yesterday. (We do traumas on even days, the other hospital does trauma on odd days).

We had several overdoses. We also had several suicide attempts. One of them I was admitting was beyond upset that his girlfriend had dropped off cookies with security and they were gone. I was telling him what room he was going to after I asked all the questions and did the physical exam, he started screaming again about the cookies, and how he wasn't going anywhere without them. My first thought was.... grow up dude...(he was in his low 30s)... but then looking at him, it kind of saddened me that he probably has never had things go his way and he just wanted some cookies to give him some comfort.

One of the GSW (gunshot wound) died, the other was super lucky.
We had strokes upon strokes admitted. It was a very mentally exhausting workweek for sure.

I don't think I have anything planned for today other than the store here in a few.
Tomorrow I have an appt with a new therapist. I had one for the majority of 5 years, but the office doesn't return calls anymore so I am just going to go somewhere new and give them a go.
I am hoping for a person who specializes in PTSD so I can learn to relax, let go of the effects of hurts and help these old bones, nerves, and connective tissues to reorganize themselves and let go also. We shall see.

Hope everyone has a great Afternoon!! Be blessed!
Wow! That’s crazy Shan. Durning my recent stay at the hospital, it was way more subdued than that, however, the area I was in had a lot of people that looked like they were circling the drain. I don’t think a lot of them would ever leave in the upright position. I had several super nice nurses taking care of me. I have nothing but good to say about them or anyone in your profession.

Thank you for your service!
All this talk about eggs (and the flipping of them) made me hungry so after my stress test today, Ruby and I took our granddaughter, Reyna, to our favorite breakfast place.

The eggs were perfect for dipping the toast in…yum!

7 hours after my stress test, the doctor’s office called and said that my heart is healthy. The test results were normal. During the test, the guy that was administering the stress test asked how I was doing. I said ok…and told him that pulling our trash cans up our driveway to the road is way more stressful than his treadmill.

It was called a nuclear stress test. I found out that it’s because they injected me with radioactive stuff so they could image my heart better before and after the stress test. I was also hooked up to a bunch of heart monitors.