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I see a lot of Kia Souls running around my area.

When I asked google are Kias reliable I found this:
The short answer is yes, Kia reliability is above average. While Kia earned a poor reputation when it entered the United States market nearly 20 years ago, much has changed. Today, the brand has an overall RepairPal reliability rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 and ranks third out of 32 car brands surveyed.​
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Glad to see you survived a dangerous hospital stay... you know what you have to do for a healthier life... just do that...
If it were only that easy.... there would be no disease. Sometimes you gotta figure out cause and effect in order to tailor that healthier lifestyle to how your bodies sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system works, so that you can take actions and make changes appropriate to your bodies response.
The KIA stories remind me of my Sister's experience with her Jeep Cherokee that was in the shop more than it was out. It was absolute garbage, so she traded it in for a Truck. The seats on the Cherokee were like concrete, the headlight went out ($375), the electrical system malfunctioned repeatedly etc... When FIAT took over, the Jeep brand went to junk, supposedly.

BMW is legendary for putting out junk also. I have had two 5 Series that both blew head gaskets, an 89 and a 98. It's not like I just didn't add oil to those 2 vehicles. You can lookup "BMW 7 Series Horror Stories"... They only cost $85K back in the day, and reports had the owners paying half that just for repairs...
You never should have let her know you fixed that dripping valve so quickly... she thinks you're DIY Superman now...
I've been the DIY superman since we started dating and I'd fix things in her apartment (mgmt was typically slow and I could fix it in way less time for free, plus I got to show off :D)...that was almost 20 years ago.

I like the Jeep ethos about customizability and "take the whole thing apart with a wrench in your garage", which the old boxy Cherokees certainly had, it's just a shame the vehicles themselves are such overpriced overhyped garbage. They were back then, and it only got ten times worse while they were Fiats.
They did that everywhere including here. That's because the markup/profit on some of those Asian cars is horrendous! They get them for like $500 each and then sell them at prices similar to American made cars. That's how they can give you a 2nd one for buying one. And their salespeople make 10 times as much as sales people selling American made cars, so they have no trouble hiring salespeople to lie about their junk they're selling... A dealership quickly explodes into multiple dealerships in other cities...
Wow, I thought it was just a Guam thing and I had people telling me there was no way it was true. I was going to say I'm certain that the price they charged for one was more than what it cost for 2 of them and that was why they could do the sale. As an aside about buying vehicles, the only new (non-used) vehicle we ever bought was an Eddie Bauer Ford Expedition & it cost more than our first house. It was around $32k (no sales tax) plus fees and stuff. We had a good laugh bc the scumbag governor got a lesser model & paid over $60k for it (pretty sure he stole tax $$ to pay for it though). It had 4wd and dad took it mudding at least once. Our crappy little Ford Escort got stuck in sand near the beach and I had to get out and push it while Dad steered and gave it gas (I volunteered). I fell down and got sand thrown in my face when it finally moved. LOL. We joked that escort would hydroplane on a mirage. Really awful brakes.

I think my dad had a BMW when he was younger, back when they were decent.

Today I did my shoulder exercises, fed the kitties, changed the cabin air filter in my truck, dropped by to hang out with my friend & see the ceiling fan I got for his daughter. She LOVES it. It has a remote control and she's having so much fun with it. Dimming the lights, changing colors, etc. Planning on getting her some storage for when her closet is completely demolished. Room is too small for a closet. They never plan to sell the house so resale value doesn't matter. Friend's gf is sick but was happy to see me. We went to pick up her curbside order from Walmart. I grabbed some more grits bc the a-hole mice got into the box and chewed open every single packet. I got storage containers for the grits & oatmeal (in case they decided to go after the oatmeal next).

Grabbed some stuff my friend needed for the kitchen. The anti-fatigue mats I ordered for them arrived and look nice. They are cushy. They are still cleaning/organizing so the mats will get moved eventually.

Got home and put the grits & oatmeal packets in new containers. Cooked fried rice-- my 2nd attempt ever. No meat added so its missing something. Can't use fresh onions bc they make me sick so I used onion powder. Added some sautéed mushrooms in. And some frozen corn bc I like corn & I don't care if people think corn in fried rice is an abomination. LOL. I cooled the veggies, mushrooms, & eggs in butter and then did the rice in sesame oil. Turned out pretty good.
This was after I scooped some out for mom and I.
Years ago I got into a discussion with my boss when he had his registered Basset Hound neutered. I asked him why he paid the registration fee if he was never going to show or breed the dog. He was dumbfounded and said he just thought it was the thing to do since it had such a wonderful pedigree. I told him my Dobe has a nice pedigree from the Sabrina Star line but since I wasn't going to breed her I didn't file for registration. Recalling that I started wondering do people with pets or companion dogs routinely spend the money for kennel club registration? I have seen dogs for rehoming listed as AKC registered as if it mattered for a neutered dog.
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Eddie, they say a fool and his money are easily separated. I'm guessing your boss was probably an intelligent guy, so I might update the saying to add that otherwise smart people can be fools about specific things. (And salesmen can catch them on bad days.)
I can't figure out why Noah let Terrorist Cats on the Ark. All he had to do was ask them if he looked like a Cat person, with the response of "No, I'm a Dog person, DUH... SCRAM!"

And there would forever be Peace on Earth.
I tried watching the preview, but that little excerpt was completely loaded with spam, ads, promotional material, and crap.
I tried watching the preview, but that little excerpt was completely loaded with spam, ads, promotional material, and crap.
It's a trailer with none of that for me. I even turned off my ad blocker and my VPN and I still didn't have any ads.
Good Morning Ladies, Gentleman...
So, How are we all doing on the Bright Monday afternoon... We are doing pretty good here, Suppose to be getting a snow storm Wednesday into Thursday afternoon... We have to go into the Big City of Ottawa on Thursday and Friday... oh, Fun...

I see a lot of Kia Souls running around my area.

When I asked google are Kias reliable I found this:
The short answer is yes, Kia reliability is above average. While Kia earned a poor reputation when it entered the United States market nearly 20 years ago, much has changed. Today, the brand has an overall RepairPal reliability rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 and ranks third out of 32 car brands surveyed.​
I still will not buy a Killed In Action vehicle... LoL

Yesterday, we went to Kingston, about 30, 45 minutes down the mail highway... We wanted to go to IKEA... and a few furniture stores... Well, we got to La z boy... and yup, new furniture for the living room a loveseat, and 2 chairs, which will be here in 3 months cuz they gotta build it in Tennesse... and we got a really cool love seat for 2, with power leg rise, and I have NEVER seen this one before, YOU can adjust your neck too, I don't know if YOU folks saw this one, but it's so cool... That is for the theatre room, which Lorie wants me to build a step up for 2 more chairs, like at a movie theater... Painting the ceiling a dark grey, and the walls a forest green... Think it's going to look so kewl... and for light, I am going to put a LED light up pn the wall on near the corner to the ceiling... Think its going to be perfect...

So this morning, I slept in for my feet apointment, was to be there for 9am.. Lorie woke me up at 8:30, I got up, both of us are zooming around, she said your phone rang a few minutes ago... So as I am running around, and so is Lorie... I listened to the messge since I had my shoes on, ready to go... to check the message, the appomtment was cancelled...So, that was a mess up...

And one more thing that blew me away today. I needed ink for our printer... Go to the store, look in the lookup book, find it... go to the cash... and Ph....uck.... $207.86... 2 Ph.....uking hundered dollars for ink cartriges for the printer... Ph.... Uck....

Well Ladies, and Gentleman, I hope YOU all have a wonderful day....
Well, I need to learn how to range cook again. The process of using a smooth top electric is OUT OF THIS WORLD WHACK! It's the complete opposite of Gas, I need more oil to prevent burning hashbrowns, Eggs cook way faster...

Also, the top is already damaged, looks like certain places didn't stain properly in the manufacturing. That said, I don't blame Frigidaire as I have never seen a good smooth top range, and the technology is only 60 years old or so...

Haven't used the oven, need a good day to open the windows to burn off the chemicals they put in the oven for no reason.

#1 on the priority list is punching a hole through the roof and putting in a vent with an Industrial Gas range like a Viking...

3 times, used the smooth top 3 times and I want to get rid of it... If the Air Fry works real good, I'll just grit my teeth and learn the range part.
Redneck... Never lived near IKEA, but have heard about how fun putting their stuff together is with 18 Million parts for a chair!

As far as printer ink, search for your exact model on Ebay, you can probably find knockoff cartridges for cheap. People make them with 3D printers and they work fine. I have a printer that worked for a decade on Ebay knockoffs, probably still works.

PSA for those that haven't used an "Ink Tank" printer... DON'T... My Canon piece of bleep prints in Pink because I moved the printer from one desk 10 feet away to the other desk and all the ink mixed. It's Canon though, so automatically junk and your choice of brand could have been designed by people with brain cells.
Changed my car's front disc pads today. I'd taken the car to the shop and they said it needed new pads and rotors (which they wanted to charge me like $300-500 for), but today I inspected the rotors and they were fine. And in fact the pads had a lot of life left in them too, but I changed them out for new anyway. Time to find a new repair shop, I'm not going back to that scammy place.