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    Using Concrete Bonding Adhesives

    I appreciate the quick response. As this is my first work with stucco, are you indicating I should use the CBA in place of water ? Please advise.
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    Using Concrete Bonding Adhesives

    Maybe I am over-thinking this. This is my first work with stucco. I want to repair the stucco that exist over the brick chimney. The area of concern (estimated to be 48" wide x 4" high x 1-2" deep) is just above the foundation base for the chimney. I plan to brush on a coat of Concrete...
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    New Member From So.Cal

    I like to do my own home maintenance and repair projects that are not beyond the scope of the home owner. I enjoy learning the techniques to do these task and the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when I get to that stage. I may not be the fastest DIY home owner, but I strive to do my...