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Why is the testing protocol bad? The card either registers Blue light or doesn't.
I thought you were saying it was bad, since it was hard to get the test card to react to blue light even without the glasses, and it seemed to react to a lot of other things that filter light that weren't the glasses. Maybe I misunderstood.
The Hummingbird Lounge has live music but I don't think I would care for black-eyed pea hummus. Gotta draw the line somewhere!

Black-Eyed Pea Hummus Plate
Frescatrano Olives, House Pickles, Roasted Peanuts, Goat Feta, Grilled Housemade Flatbread
In the Cardio class, a Doctor is talking about Magnesium deficiency, which leads to palpitations. He also talks about the potential for Alzheimer's and Dementia caused by a lack of B Vitamins, specifically adequate B12. What soaks up the Vitamins and Minerals, making it so the body can't absorb them?

Acid drugs like Prilosec / Zantac etc.

When this Dr. sees a calcified Aorta on film, the very first question he asks the patient is "Do you eat Ice Cream?"... Glycation... When Sugar and Fat combine, it causes inflammation in the body.

If you go to the Doctor, ask them about taking Phosphatidylcholine...

If Mosquitos like you, you are probably deficient in B vitamins. They smell B vitamins and don't land on those people.

If your Liver is compromised in any way and you have "floaters" in your vision, known as Vitreous floaters, you could be deficient in Vitamin A. You might be able to clear that up with a medium Carrot every day.

If Platelets are low, Sesame Seeds will help.

Cholesterol is high... Claim is that it increases risk of Heart Attack or Stroke... Dr. puts you on Statins, which deplete COQ-10... Low levels of COQ-10 result in Heart disease.

"High Cholesterol" is Pseudo Science... Was 280, gradually reduced over the years to 200... Who decides this? A panel of "Doctors"... Who do the "Doctors" work for? The Drug companies that make the Statins. Follow the money... ALWAYS follow the money.... Fox guarding the Hen House.
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The next Doctor describes it perfectly... Heart Disease and Diabetes are diseases of Lifestyle, diseases of choice. If people want to sit around and eat whatever they want and take all the drugs, that's up to them.

The people with the greatest longevity are the people with the highest Cholesterol.

Neurological diseases are not necessarily uncurable. Neuronal Plasticity means that nerves have the ability to grow, heal and repair. That doesn't happen, however, in the absence of adequate Cholesterol.

Diuretic BP meds flush water from the body, lowering BP... Great, except being dehydrated constantly is horrific for the Heart and every other bodily system.

Calcium channel blockers are a disaster because they block the way the nerves interact with calcium... Muscle cramps, Muscle spasms, Heart Spasms, Brain fog result because the neurons don't have a supply of calcium...

All BP meds block Zinc absorption, a Zinc deficiency can lead to a loss of taste and smell. When we don't taste our food, we reach for the Salt shaker or the Sugar, which leads to High BP and High Glucose, which the Drugs were supposed to lower. It's a viscous circle.

The next Doctor talks about a device that monitors Arterial wall flexibility, how young kids have amazing arteries, but as we age, arteries stiffen. He didn't mention the device name, but I looked it up and found something, but will email them to see if this is legit...

Recent study in the British Medical Journal... 39,000 Men over 60... Higher their LDL, the longer they lived.

Statins drop Testosterone to low levels, but the Heart has the most T receptors in the body.

If 2100 people died in Airplane crashes every day, how many would fly? That's how many die from Cardio events.

The next Doctor mentions an Angioplasty, which is a temporary fix because it's probably only good for 10 years, then the patient will need another one and on and on until they have to crack the chest and do open heart surgery... I'll take "No Bleeping Way" for 20,000, Alex!

Statins can increase risk of Parkinsons and Muscle problems.

For High Cholesterol, Garlic is recommended, Greens for the Liver to produce more Bile...
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I think everyone knows COQ-10 is good for the Heart, and I have had people over the years tell me they don't need supplements. Well, first off, the soil is thrashed to the point that there is hardly any nutrition from crops these days.

I don't see how anyone can say they don't need supplements. I wonder how much disease is simply the result in people that don't supplement.

Amount of The Ubiquinol Form Of CoQ10 In Common Foods

Naturally occurring Ubiquinol in foods like chicken converts back into the conventional form of CoQ10 when you cook it. It can be almost impossible to reach the daily amount even when eating foods that retain the Ubiquinol form of CoQ10 since you’d need to consume excessive amounts. Take a look at how much food you’d need to eat in order to reach the recommended daily dose of 100mg:

Peanuts - 3.5 lbs = 100 mg
Grass Fed Steaks - 20 x 6 oz. Steaks = 100 mg
Chicken Breasts - 34 x 6 oz. breasts = 100 mg
Spinach - 50 cups = 100 mg
Avocados - 60 Avocados = 100mg
Canola Oil - 100 tbsp. Of Canola Oil = 100 mg
Sardines - 120 cans of Sardines = 100 mg
Olive Oil - 133 tbsp of Olive Oil = 100 mg
Ubiquinol supplement - 1 capsule = 100 mg

For the record, my brother brought my package in and gave it to me, but let me know that it had been left out in the rain. We had a good talk yesterday. He actually helped a lot with groceries but then he hurt his shoulder. His right shoulder is bugging him again.

I did some minor cleaning, fed kitties, and started shimming out the side walls in my bathroom. I'm about out of the paint stirring sticks that I use as shims and I can never find them in the store so I setup a curbside pickup order.

My hot glue gun works pretty well but those little glue sticks go fast. Only got hot glue on myself twice and just barely. With my lack of coordination only 2 incidents is doing well. Last time I used hot glue before that I kept getting it all over myself. I like the mini hot glue gun because its easier to hold and manage.

I'm cooling off and hydrating now.
I saw where nylon tie wraps were used in a hot glue gun to repair a crack in plastic (or polymer). I wish I had seen it before I repaired a crack in my old chromebook.
There will be a 9v battery to power the preamp in my guitar. I need a clip to hold it in place inside the guitar's control cavity so it isn't rattling around, but the cheapest clips on Amazon are like $9 after shipping for two of them, which is more than I can stomach paying for a piece of metal, especially since I only need one. So my neighbor gave me some scrap sheets of duct. I'm going to cut and bend a piece of it into a clip.
Done making the clip. It's not pretty but it holds that battery nice and snug and I won't cut my fingers too easily while changing batteries. If I ever want to sell this guitar one day, or if I just get sick of the handmade clip, I might swap it out for a nice professionally made one (who knows maybe I'll be able to cannibalize one from something else by then), but for now it's what I need, it was free, and it only took me a few minutes to make.
I went for my curbside pickup but my complete pos phone decided to crap out on me and wouldn't even let me try to make a call or open the Walmart app. Stupid thing said it had 40% battery. It shut off and said it had 30% battery. It was charging the whole time. It wasn't responding to anything-- buttons, screen touching, etc so I had to open it up and take the battery out and put it back in. Then I had to walk into Walmart and explain that my phone is a piece of junk & I couldn't call or use the app & asked for my curbside order. I spent 10 #@#$@#$#@ minutes trying to get my damn phone to work before I finally went in. I came so close to just smashing it to pieces. I will trade that piece of junk in for a new phone when I get the chance.
While playing around with knots yesterday I found one that I could put to immediate use. It was a knot for single loop sweatpants drawstring.
I've never seen single loop sweatpants. I've had ones where the stupid rope or lace got pulled all the way in to the pants though. I hate when that happens.

Today I searched outside for my missing cat, Sir Hammington. I hope he's just off adventuring and that he'll come back but I think something might have happened to him.

I cooked yellow rice and shimmed out the side walls more. Need to take pics but my phone is being sucky & not wanting to cooperate. I really need to get a new one.

I want to dry fit a piece of cementboard in place on one of the side walls, but I don't want to risk messing my arm up more trying to lift it and my brother's shoulder is hurting so he can't help. Only a few more days before my friend gets back but he'll have to get a tooth pulled and make up for some lost work and stuff. Pretty sure his ex is going to dump the toddler on him as soon as he returns. I just hope his tools and anything of value is still in his house when he gets back bc his mom has been staying there. She's been known to steal his tools in the past.
I've never seen single loop sweatpants. I've had ones where the stupid rope or lace got pulled all the way in to the pants though. I hate when that happens.
There's a better knot for split drawstrings as well. Also good for scrubs. BTW stopper knots can keep drawstrings from pulling through.

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There's a better knot for split drawstrings as well. Also good for scrubs. BTW stopper knots can keep drawstrings from pulling through.

Thanks. I made knots on mine but they still got pulled through. LOL.

I'm debating with myself whether I should try to lift a cement board to dry fit against the wall. I don't want to wait almost 2 weeks for my friend to be able to help and my brother won't be able to help with his shoulder.
A proper stopper knot is too big to pull through. A proper stopper, sounds kinda poetic!

Sorry, I mistook you for one of those guys that wear skinny legged chinos and loafers w/o socks.
I am offended. Though I will say, I know one guy who fits this description and he's a good guy.

It's funny, I think I wrote on here once about how I wear basketball shorts from about June-October and relaxed fit cargo pants or cargo shorts the rest of the time.
There's a better knot for split drawstrings as well.
I tried that one for the split drawstring in my pajamas and it didn't work. This drawstring is black and I'm in a dimly lit room so maybe I pulled on the wrong parts. Sure wish I had a drawstring made from two different bright colors of shoelace material like in the video!