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Eddie, maybe you can use PVC trim to decorate a lighter weight door? PVC trim isn't very heavy. Just needs to be painted to protect it from sunlight.

Woke up feeling horrible. Stomach hurt all the way through to my back. Could feel my back muscles tensing up and when I tried to take something for it I couldn't keep it down. Spent awhile puking so hard I saw stars. Gravy Jones heard me and was freaking out and calling to me through the door. He followed me around afterward and wanted cuddles.

Convinced my brother to take a shower-- he hasn't taken one since before I got my bathroom fixed and he needed it. He felt better and I got him to feed the cats. Itsy was worried about me and came over to lick my forehead and snuggle me. I curled up in a ball and kitties piled on.

Need to find something to eat that is gentle on my stomach. Maybe some oatmeal.
PVC trim might work unless direct sunlight might get it too hot and make it curl up or shrivel. It would be painted. It might be safer just to do some kinda 3-D painting technique.

I used graham crackers to dip some apple hummus. Actually it was a jar of apple sauce that I reworked with added cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar.
On the way home around 4:45pm it was 105°F. Just walking from my truck to the store I started sweating so badly that I could smell my own armpits (although, that was after I went to the post office). I don't want to know what temp it was around noon. Heat index was 110 around 5pm.
It’s been a hot summer!
Was it this site where people mentioned search engines? Anyone remember Infoseek that allowed Boolean searches? You could put in + to include something and - to exclude search terms? I really liked that one. Also liked the search within a search option.
I think you still can use Boolean searches with all the search engines…you just don’t have to.
Following my own advice. I got a jar of kimchi out of the fridge, picked up a pair of bamboo chop sticks and I am munching away as I type (eating from the jar). My stomach has felt a bit uneasy for a couple of days.
I got this email today

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I clicked the link and gave them Z’s info.
Wow, that email triggers all sort of phishing alert warnings in my head. Maybe it is legit but I would NOT click on any link in such an email. I only click on email that I'm sort of expecting and, even still, it is often a good idea to double check that the security certificate is legit and belongs to the company I'm trying to reach.

(Mind you, even with those checks, there are way for hackers to get around them and trick people but that would require a level of sophistication that 99.9% of the hackers out there don't have or don't want to bother with.)

Hope everyone is staying safe.
Good Morning Ladies, and Gents...
Hope everyone is having a GREAT summer, it sure has been a very hot one, not that I mind, much rather have it hot than cold.

Well, MIL is doing wonderfully from the last time I was here, she is up, and walking like she was a number of years ago. We got her settled in a new Retirement home. Where she went for respid care after her surgery. She was already in a retirement home and was supposed to go back there, and paid for it and all, and when it was time, they claim they had no record of her going there, and don't understand why the $500 deposit was put on her account for the room, so sent us all scrambling to find a new place, which is the one she is now living in. This home is more about the person, and not about money as the last place was about. They did more than just the screw-up on her room, but haven't got the time or energy to get into it. But she is very happy to be where she is now. Haven't seen her this happy in years since her husband passed six years ago.

Haven't done as much as I wanted to all summer, since running around for the MIL... Got a few small jobs done, but nowhere near what I wanted to get done... I want to get the rust taken care of on the box on the truck over the tires.

Lorie and I are taking off to PEI for 10 - 14 days on the 24th of this month. A friend of ours offered their cottage down on the Atlantic Ocean for as long as we want it. So we said, well we would like to go for 10 - 14 days... Looking so forward to it... Then the leaves will probably begin to fall, and that's a month's job raking and picking them all up...

So, folks, that's pretty much the summer here...

Woke up feeling horrible. Stomach hurt all the way through to my back. Could feel my back muscles tensing up and when I tried to take something for it I couldn't keep it down. Spent awhile puking so hard I saw stars. Gravy Jones heard me and was freaking out and calling to me through the door. He followed me around afterward and wanted cuddles.
@zannej I hope YOU begin to feel better, and it's nothing too serious...

Well, will try and get back a little more often... but am not promising to be here every day just yet... But I will take lots of pictures of PEI to share... Hope all your summers keep going well for you all, and again @zannej feel better...

Good news about your MIL, Redneck! I'm not a fan of any of those places. When it's my time, nobody's taking me to one. I'll sit in my house with an M4 variant across my lap for any people with questions!

Have fun on your vacation, but remember, as with all Islands, be careful not to go to real populated spots. There's always the threat that the Island will tip over and capsize. (The ones that aren't attached to the Earth)

Here's an example of the best and brightest in the States...

Thanks guys. I suspect it was the frozen burritos that got me sick, but I'm not sure. Mom isn't feeling great either. I can keep things down now at least. Need to get more chicken noodle soup and other stuff from the store. Mom is also sore because she fell while my brother and I weren't home but she landed on the dog's steps (going up to her bed) and was able to get back up, but she bruised herself when she fell. Not sure how the steps didn't break, but they are pretty strong.

Redneck, I'd be pissed if they claimed there was no record of her signing up. Hope she got back all the $ paid for the place. I would not be surprised if the thought she was going to die and just rented her room/space out to someone else but planned to keep her $. What is PEI? I hope you have a great time!

Ron, LOL. I get stuff like that and I don't even have a Netflix account. Also got similar messages about Paypal and I don't have a paypal account.

Spicoli, that congressman needed to lay off the drugs. Sounded like he was on something.

Need to bring in some cases of water before it gets too hot, but I'm still sleepy.
I can hear my gut today but it feels OK. I suspect I may have gone a day or so too long on either chicken salad or deli roast beef. I'm glad I remembered the kimchi though.
Z... Good luck, but you don't want to keep stuff down, you want to get it out... I would get a bag of Pumpkin Seeds, a fermented jar of pickles with probiotics or better yet, Kimchi like Eddie, and a bottle of Magnesium Citrate in the pharmacy... 10 ounce bottle or something like that...

Down the Magnesium as fast as possible and 15 minutes later chew up a boatload of Pumpkin seeds... The seeds will temporarily paralyze any parasitic worms, and they will be flushed out with the laxative effect of the Magnesium. Don't get any other form of Magnesium or it won't work. Then when the fireworks are over, eat some pickles or Kimchi to start the process of rebuilding good bacteria.

Then Don't eat garbage! HAHAHA I know it's not that easy.

Ol' Hank Johnson isn't on drugs, he has been that way forever...

I think I am going to purpose to eat some kimchi each day. If not at least two or three times a week. It's cheaper than pro-biotics and is good eating as well. That's a win-win!

Yesterday I sprayed copper sulphate on the brick patio in hopes of discouraging moss and weed killer on the drive and one brick walkway. I got more than two hours drying time before rain but the 10% chance of rain turned into a toad strangler storm so I'll have to wait and see.

I am working on my saw track, at present waiting on sun to move away from my work area so I can trim excess whiteboard. The whiteboard blinds me with the sun on it. All I need to do after trimming the excess is to glue and brad nail the end pieces between the rails then drill sight holes in the whiteboard.
Hey, twice in one day, very impressive eh... Didn't do a lot today, ran around looking for light switches that I have to wire into MIL's lights, She can't do the ones with discs you roll over with your fingers. need to find one with a switch like a light switch, not very easy to find, going to try Walmart on the way into MIL's tomorrow...

Also bought and picked up a snowblower tonight. Usually have the laneway plowed, but with gas going up, getting very expensive, doubled in price this year... So I bought a 10-year-old Toro, which has been maintained by a guy I trust very much, so I know it's been taken care of. Paid $500 for a 10hp.

@zannej glad you feel better, and PEI is Prince Edward Island, it's on the east side of Canada. It's surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean... Supposedly we'll be able to see some whales. Looking forward to a little trip for Lorie and I. We'll drive it all in one sitting, taking turns driving...

Well, kids... gotta get up early tomorrow, and head to the BIG city of Ottawa to do some minor stuff at the MIL's new place. And this weekend here in Brockville is the Annual Rib Fest... Do love ribs...

Oh, I forgot to tell you guys, since starting the gluten-free diet back in February... and going to the gym, I've lost 30 pounds, I am down to 234... 14 more pounds, and I and the diabetic doctor will be happy... She wanted me down to 200, but I said that was too much... So we agreed on 220... So, yup 14 pounds to go... By Christmas, I figure...

So again Kids, if I don't get back before the weekend... I wish YOU all a very good weekend...
I've never liked kimchi. Whatever was wrong seems to have worked itself out already. Just feeling tired now. Went for curbside pickup at Walmart because I was too tired to walk around the store. Scheduled it for when it would be slightly cooler. It was only 100 this time.

Samsclub sent an e-mail that my order was out for delivery and had a link to the carrier page. Its Fedex. :-(. Fedex page said no scheduled delivery date. I might have to hit them up online AGAIN to get my stuff. I'm a frequent flyer in their help chat.

Thanks, Redneck. Hope you have a great weekend!
Make it yourself.
I used to make it but it makes too much at a time. Maybe if I really get into eating it I'll start, making it again. My brother made an instant pickle press for his wife . It almost looked like a book binders press. She would salt the makings, crank down on the press and a little later reverse the crank and the makings would suck in the salted juice.

Keeps well though, the jar I'm eating from has an expry of 04/04/2019. I just opened it recently though.
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I learned today (Larry Alex Taunton #16) that WEFers are bandying the word sustainability with a deeper meaning even as the final solution was bandied during the holocaust. Scary stuff happens while we sleep.
I like oven toast. I normally pre-butter the bread and use broil. Watch carefully and flip when first side is browned. Today I tried the air fryer on 400°, watched it carefully and it did OK w/o flipping. My little air fryer will only do one slice at a time. Maybe a little rack could be devised to accommodate a second slice.
I made a decision on a bread knife. I have this vintage Flint vanadium steel knife set which hasn't been abused. The bread knife was seldom used as my wife's expertise was in Parker House rolls. I haven't been using it as I wrongly assumed that more teeth and thinner blades just had to be better. I examined the bread knife closely and decided to try it on a fresh loaf before ordering a new bread knife. My examination revealed that it seemed to have about the recommended number (four) of scallops per inch and the edge still looked good. I have a ceramic rod and was going to carefully touch up the edge of the scallops but last night I tried it on a fresh loaf and it performed well.

I've had the set for over 50 years. When we built the house there was a nook where the knife block could be hung so it came out of the drawer. My wife pried the Flint brushed aluminum logo headpiece from the block, performed some hand carving and antiqued it · · · and that's the rest of the story.

Tool Wood Kitchen utensil Knife Blade

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