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I think the best thanksgiving meal is Chinese take-out. I am not a fan of eating lizards birds in general, and I find turkey doesn't even have the redeeming quality of being decent fried or in tikka masala. Unfortunately when I request an alternative to the big lizard, I'm usually offered ham which I like even less. The sides are good but don't really hold together without a meat as the centerpiece. Thanksgiving is not a gustatorially happy time for me. Hey at least there's nice weather--oh wait
This really bums me out. I love turkey, roasted, fried, smoked, whatever. I love Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday I think. I love to make a big meal for friends and family, we've had 40+ before. Everyone brings side, lots of fellowship, it's the bomb! Sorry got carried away. Needless to say I'm looking forward to Thursday.
Wife and I had "date night" last night for the first time in way too long. We went to an alcohol-free bar. They serve mocktails and NA beer, though they also had a food menu. We ordered wings, which were really good. We ordered shots of non-alcoholic liquor (tequila for me, gin for her) which were undrinkable. (But hey, we got to try it.) Then we sent those back (the waitress was very understanding; she herself admitted they were pretty nasty) and ordered non-alcoholic beer instead, which of course was much better.
So what in NA tequila of gin made from? I like both of those in the regular form so I'm curious.
Turkey sandwiches with some cranberry sauce over them on the next day isn't bad. I do really like the stuffing. Once I get the pantry cleaned up better I need to get more stuffing to make.

I guess we have different tastes, Flyover. I like moist bird meat. But then I like softer textured foods. I have a weird thing where the in my lower jaw behind my teeth stick up way higher than normal and anything hard and brittle like crackers, chips, etc scrape & cut the skin over the bones.

To this day I still don't like green beans bc Mom used to make them from a can and I hated them.

I'm currently cooking yellow rice and just heated up a Stoufer's chicken enchilada for Mom. She seems to like it. She was born in Detroit but grew up in California so she misses Mexican food. We don't really have much of that around here.

My stupid shoulder is aching. I leaned on the doorframe while bending down for something and my shoulder can't handle any pressure like that. Can't reach behind my back or lift my arm too high. Just getting up from bed both of my shoulders were sounding like rice cereal.

I need to power through and get some cleaning done tomorrow though. Spicoli has been encouraging me to get stuff cleaned up and to eat better. I need to do both, but I'm going to try baby steps. I realize that when I look at the huge mess I feel overwhelmed so I'm going to try tackling small areas a little at a time. Getting the counter with the microwave cleaned up made me feel good. I just got a spray bottle and plan to do the warm water + vinegar to spritz on cabinets.

Speaking of the bottle, I grabbed it and went to check out and then realized there was no sticker or barcode anywhere on it. I do self checkout bc the other lanes are usually closed. The clerk who works in that section came over and I told her where I got the bottle from, she looked it up, found it, and then used the hand scanner from the self checkout to scan the barcode on her little handheld screen thingy. Usually I have to go back and grab another one so that was sweet of her. A lot of the clerks would have me go back and get one that has a label.

As an aside, once I get things cleaned up more, I have a project for my friend's kitchen. I saw this plan on Ana White's site: Rustic X Small Rolling Kitchen Island | Ana White and decided on some modifications. Full shelf, wider drawer with proper drawer glides, Painted to match the cabinets but the panels under the X pattern would be gloss black (I already have the paint for that).
Here's the original from the plans
View attachment 29073
My general plans:
View attachment 29075View attachment 29076
I'd still have the 12" deep drawer but would have a shelf behind it. I know, maybe a pipe dream, but I already have some of the lumber for it.
The planning part makes me happy-- especially when my body is not cooperating with actually doing stuff.
I don't know what I did on that other post but here is what I wanted to say:
Is the model you attached done in Sketch-it or what ever it is? Someone one here has put up some really nice work on that software. In have done a lot of 3D modeling with expensive software and that work is comparable. I have an old version of the software I used at work before I retired on my desktop pc at home. Problem is I'm nearing the need for a new desktop and when I do I won't have that software anymore. I played with Sketch-it briefly but I was looking for thoughts on how it is to work with seriously. Judging by some of the stuff I've seen here someone has spent serious time with it.
Yes the other thread was shut down. I'll take the blame. Note to self, keep trap shut. Oh Mom's birthday party went great, totally surprised her and she's not easy to fool. And my Dad was there and asked her out. What you say? They have been divorced for somewhere around 55 years. Go figure.
Zanne, I like your idea of making full use of the cart interior. I suppose Ana's design allows for leg room if sitting at the back side. I prefer my idea of fixed casters as swivel can be kinda squirrely (plus mine are hidden). I need to get it finished.
Good Morning Folks, Well, the plow has plowed our laneway three times, and it was supposed to snow all day today, but woke up to the sun beaming, so we got about 15 inches of snow... and 1/2 way through the week it's supposed to warm up to 4 - 6 Celcius... So, we all know what that means, lots of water, and dirty... But we all survived the 1st snowstorm... But it's funny how the storm travelled, Few towns over, so like make 20km from here, got rain, no snow... Ottawa which is about 100 km from here, got a dusting...And Buffalo got like 5 - 6 feet of snow... Very very strange... We got the total of snow we got all last winter...

Wife and I had "date night" last night for the first time in way too long. We went to an alcohol-free bar. They serve mocktails and NA beer, though they also had a food menu. We ordered wings, which were really good. We ordered shots of non-alcoholic liquor (tequila for me, gin for her) which were undrinkable. (But hey, we got to try it.) Then we sent those back (the waitress was very understanding; she herself admitted they were pretty nasty) and ordered non-alcoholic beer instead, which of course was much better.
Congrats Buddy... We too had a GREAT time when we went out too... and plan to do it once a month now...

@shan2themax probably going to get a blast here, but sure our kids use to bring their laundry here, there are the machines... go knock yourself out... But I get it... Lorie and I are from two different worlds too... When I was old enough to make my lunch for school, it was up to us to make our own lunches, do our laundry, and clean our room... But Lorie, her Mom made their lunches... If she was making lunch for Lorie's Dad... then she might as well make lunch for the 4 girls too... and did their laundry when it was in the laundry room... So, I really don't know which way is the proper way...

I think that's great survey material... Have to figure out how we do a survey here... I know some Forum sites it's very easy.

Well, going to have some breakfast... and shower, and then Lorie and I and Carl have three Christmas Craft Sales to go to...

For the turkey topic... Not a real fan of turkey dinners, much rather have a nice Prime Roast... But again the rest of the family loves turkey... I don't mind a nice turkey sandwich the next day with mayo and salt and pepper...There are two ways I would love to try a turkey, deep-fried, and smoked...

@zannej love what you are doing with the rook, looks FANTASTIC...

@shan2themax your kitchen looks GREAT

Well, kids, I hope YOU all have a wonderful Sunday... and remember to smile all the time... it confuses everyone...

When cooking a Turkey, cook it upside down. The meat will not be dry.

That's what I'm told, never liked it enough to try it.

Ancient Montucky secret.
I replaced my 12' ice maker line for a much more manageable 6' stainless braided line. Also, found a special 3 bone rib roast for half price. $50 instead of $100. I'll slice it up and make 8 nice rib eye steaks down the road. Also got a few nice tri tips for $3.99 a pound. I'm set for awhile.
Friday evening we had fruitcake for desert. I love good fruitcake. I liked the ones Sears used to sell. For both Thanksgiving and Christmas we would have fruitcake and drink Russian tea.
HAHA Shan... Me and "Yoga" are like Water and Oil... I couldn't lift my leg to pee on the mailbox if my life depended on it... But, for low back pain, lay flat on your back, stretch one leg over the other and stretch your arms out like you were going to do an Angel in the snow... Hold that for 30 seconds and do the other side. I find instant relief for pain / stiffness with that.
When cooking a Turkey, cook it upside down. The meat will not be dry.

That's what I'm told, never liked it enough to try it.

Ancient Montucky secret.
I have tried that a couple of times but really didn't notice a difference. I think the secret to moist turkey is not over cooking it. I feel brine helps too. I cook to 155-160F in the beast meat then let it rest for about an hour. I avoid in the bird stuffing. It hard to get it done to a safe temp without drying the meat too. We'll have another turkey dinner in mid December. My son's birthday is the 14th and he always wants turkey dinner for his birthday. He'll be 40 this year so if they come over for dinner it'll probably be turkey. A lot of years on Thanksgiving I'll do 2 smaller (12 lbs or so) birds. Roast one and smoke one. In 2019 we raised 6 turkeys. That was a first and I waited to long to butcher them. We had 5 Hens and they all dressed at about 27 lbs but the one Tom dressed at 42 lbs. I split that one in halves. I don't have a roasting pan big enough for a 40 lb bird. They were all really good though. We raised heritage birds so it was a little different than the run of the mill commercial white turkey.
Since I had time to kill, I deleted 42 posts with politics, and merged so no threads are locked.

I love our first Amendment, and for this reason, I really dislike locking/deleting/editing anything.

If we can just understand that politics are a turn off, so let's please respect each other.
@havasu I am glad you clarified, because for a moment....... well.... I thought I had totally lost my mind. I thought did I dream that other thread up? Lol

@RedneckGrump id rather wash her clothes in peace than to have her dogs running everywhere knocking things over chewing stuff up.... I have picked my battle! Lol

Also... I found a 1989 Canadian dollar coin in the house yesterday evening, Not sure where it came from (well other than Canada lol)

She came over this morning and helped me out a bit in preparation for the guy coming tomorrow. I had her go through clothes I didn't want anymore, sheets, towels, blankets etc... she helped me get my puzzle onto my corkboard, now I can sit in the living room and work on the puzzles without killing my back. I made my bed and moved some stuff around in my room. I rarely make my bed, it seems like such a waste... however, it does look nice made

I had leftover meatloaf a little ago, along with a small can of green beans. Hopefully I don't get a headache, because I cooked the green beans in a frying pan without the liquid and for less time than normal.... however, since there was no liquid they seemed to be about the same doneness. We shall see.

I'm going to watch some YouTube episodes and then I think I will measure the openings to the holes in the floor from previous return air vents and see if just a 1/2 sheet will be big enough to close in both holes.... I also need to recheck measurement of 23/32 " thickness....

Now if I can just stay awake, because I am exhausted currently (which is dumb) I will have to get up early tomorrow and move stuff around in the garage so that he can easily get to the attic if needed.

Hope you all are staying safe and warm!
Speaking of green beans. My son in law Introduced us to a new recipe for green beans. Steam them until almost done. Place in a frying pan with some butter and soy sauce and garlic, and cook for 2 minutes. Add slivered almonds and serve. They will take on the flavor of edimame. Delicious!
We southerners tend to cook green beans to death. I have learned that just sauteing pole beans in sesame oil and eating them with some crunch can be quite tasty.

@zannej If I had Flyover's free wood supply I could build end tables, sofa tables, night stands and kitchen carts and have a thriving business.
@68bucks White turkeys look rather anemic compared to heritage birds. I like turkey but cooking for one I settle for the occasional turkey breast.