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I wasn't thinking differing from the conventional, perceived, norms. Actually the opposite, the perceived norm (or uniformity) for cyclists or certain groups of people.
While that may, in some cases, true, there is also the, in some cases, a cultural demand to display a specific distinction, often as anarchy/milisteristic in culture.

My son rides INDIAN and refuses to be associated with groups thusly associated. He has tattoos, as does my grandson, however I, who hates needles, opted too, never mar my body.
I think my first exposure to tatts were with carnies and sailors and male piercings first with gays. Both of which probably impressed me in a negative way. I can live with it, just not for me. Motorcyclists in the 50s were actually neat.

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I tried browning rice before adding water a year or so ago and forgot about it until I read this.
Why do Mexicans fry rice before cooking it?​
Frying it first will help prevent rice from sticking together while simmering. While rice is browning, you will start noticing a nutty aroma, which will translate into the way rice will taste. This will add another layer of flavor to the whole dish.​
I didn't fry it, I just toasted it in the dry pan before adding water. As I recall it was pretty good. I'm going to do it the next time I cook rice.
I don't think I have purchased from Pure Formulas. I might have visited their website when looking for bulk supplements.

Tried the air fryer. Spicoli you didn't exaggerate on the potatoes. I didn't have any russets so I quartered a couple of red potatoes, seasoned them and cooked them for 20 minutes at 400°F. I can hardly wait to try some russet fries.

Tried a couple of frozen White Castle cheeseburgers. Ten minutes at 390°F. Turned out kinda crunchy but turns out I like them thataway! I'll adjust the temp down a bit next time.

Now I've gotta figure out where to store this beast, petite it is not!
My next idea is Sweet Potato fries, and am trying to figure out Chicken fingers without breadcrumbs.
I don't understand tattoos. I was going to get the Unit crest from one of my Military Units, but it would be on my shoulder and nobody would see it anyway, which is I guess one of the major reasons people get them? I have never walked up to someone and asked why they have tats because I have no interest.

And, I think I would be a wicked hypocrite if I got one, considering how much I preach about Health.

I guess whether knowingly or unknowingly we all tend to imitate someone when it comes to appearance. When it's all been said and done those in assisted living with tatts look rather pathetic.
I think I am one of maybe a handful of people left in my generation without tattoos, and I often feel like I'm the only one who actively dislikes them. Youth being transitory, good diet, sleep, and exercise bring the human form to its peak; ink or bits of metal jabbed into your skin can only take it in the other direction. In my opinion, some people are naturally beautiful enough that a few small tattoos don't get in the way too much, but enough tattoo coverage will make anyone certifiably ugly, at least in this modern/Western societal context.

I see how tattoos might be appealing, but in that case I don't understand why temporary tattoos aren't more popular. Maybe there is a kind of catharsis a person achieves, or a satisfying definitive statement a person makes, by permanently altering their body. It is a decisive way to signal dedication to some group or idea.

Whatever it is, it must have something to do with the reason that piercings and tattoos are the norm, not the exception, for human cultures across time and place. It's really only the culture of European Christendom and its direct descendant culture(s) where tattoos and piercings have been taboo, and certain piercings at least still remained common for women throughout that time. So I see the recent trend of lots of tattoos and piercings (well, recent enough...it started back in the 1990s) as a return to normal; I'm just a freak.
With Dog cookies increasing in cost by more than 60%, I decided to Betty Crocker my own... I finished them and put them in the fridge where they have to stay, and figured I would try a "smell test" with my Dog to see whether he could distinguish fresh made to the store bought, which could be a year old or more...

I told him to smell the store bought, then smell mine, and placed both in front of him about 10 feet away, spaced 5 feet or so from each other... I told him to get them, and he ran to mine first... I'm going to try again where I show him mine and put it down, then get a store bought and put it behind him. Being that the store bought is the last he sees, he should go to it first...

He won't though...

I steamed a Sweet Potato, mashed it up and added Peanut Butter (Just peanuts), 2 Eggs, Buckwheat Flour, Turmeric and Cinnamon and baked them for 20 minutes... I might eat one next time.
I think some tattoos look neat but I would never get them. My friend's ex got a bunch of lousy looking tattoos. She had her brother do the first two. The first one was OK but the edges were too dark & it didn't look that good. Then he tried to tattoo "blessed" on her hand but she apparently wouldn't hold still and it looked like she tried to write on her hand with a pen & ended up running out of ink. Looks terrible. I can't remember if she got one or two more.

My dad wasn't allowed to get tatts because he was in army intelligence and then when he joined INS he wasn't allowed to have them. He always saw them as trashy and said he associated them with Hepatitis.

I went to get my blood drawn and got turned away. Was told I can only get blood taken every 4 months and have to wait until July. I fasted for nothing & my stomach was not happy with me. I was bad and grabbed bacon egg & cheese biscuits from McDonalds. My dog was ecstatic about that though. She apparently loves those things. I shared them with her and she almost took my hand off.

I got a message from HD saying that my misdelivered items had been returned. So it seems the fedex driver may have gone and taken the package back and rather than deliver it to me, returned it to the store out of pettiness. I currently have 3 packages pending today that have been passed on to Fedex Ground. ETA by end of the day today. We'll see if they actually deliver or not. I tried to register at the Fedex site to be able to leave comments & manage my packages but I got cockblocked by them claiming my physical address is not valid. They also wanted my credit card info and there is no way in hell I'm putting that info on there.

So, I'm waiting for my stuff and trying to stay awake. I tried to get some measurements in my bathroom, but couldn't get my measuring tape to cooperate. It kept retracting even though I locked it. Lock isn't working apparently.
I finally got up the nerve to cook my turkey bacon. It was as tough as the tongue of jump boots. I saved a strip to experiment with. I will cook it til almost charred to see if it will get crisp.
... I was told I lost 20 pounds since February when we started the gym... So, that put a smile on my face, I knew I had lost some weight, but I didn't think it was that much... So another 20 pounds and my diabetic doctor will be happy... That will bring me to 204... Told her no more than that, or I think I would look sick...
In about 2013, I was up to 207 pounds, which is a lot for me. Someone took this picture of me and I decided I needed to do something.

Austins first birthday.jpg

I lost 60 pounds in around 2014-2015. I went from 207 to 147. People started asking me if I was sick.


Ruby said I should gain some weight, which I did. Now I'm in between those two but still 30 pounds less than my heaviest.
The barn door track that I bought came with stops (to keep the door from rolling past where you want it to stop). The stops slide on from the end of the track. Then you tighten the set screws to keep it in place.


The problem is that in order to get these stops past the bolt that holds the track to the wall, you must remove the bolt, slide the stop past the hole, and then reinstall the bolt. If you change your mind, repeat.

I found some different stops on Amazon that not only have a spring cushion but will slide past the bolt without removing it.



They work great!

I also bought a soft close device for the barn door but I’m not sure we really need it.

Made some Air Fried Potatoes with Ginger, Sea Salt, Curry and Garam Masala... UHHHHH... I'm going to gain 30 pounds this Winter, but I'm about to put a Closed sign on the Oven until then.

I decided to make some Buckwheat Choc. Chip Cookies an hour later, so I mixed it all up then preheated the oven, and it was still at 320 degrees from using the Air Fryer at 400... That's great if it was Winter, but that just solidifies that I can't use it this Summer... This new oven retains heat for a long time, apparently. (Or maybe that's only the Air Fry setting)...
Now I want to make cookies. Haven't since high school
Yeah, I'm winging it, not my area of expertise at all. I tried baking cookies way back when I moved out of the folks house for the first time... (Moby Dick was a Minnow, that's how long ago)...

It didn't work, and I just accepted that I can't do it... The Buckwheat ones, however, are a game changer.

Next up, I'm going to Air Fry some Cookie dough, see what happens...

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