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HEHE, Don't you worry about letting any of us down...thats not even possible...:D
Remember we are here to help get you back up,and remember just not to let yourself down, or your the one thats right back where you were..
If this was easy..there wouldn't be anyone around to need help.:banana:

Here's to things moving forward, and to folks there actually doing the work, what a nice bunch of guys...and you can tell them I said that. :usa:
You should be proud of the progress you've made. When you first came here, you were the victim. Now you're out bagging trash, have one side mostly done and a turn around of attitude. Congratulations to you! Be proud, celebrate your victory and continue moving forward. There are still battles to win and I believe deep down in my heart you will win these.
It was heart warming to here you had a warmer house after that side was closed up. I think we all want to hear good news, we just have to be as patient as you have to be. Glad to hear you're getting the mess cleaned uop.
Thanks for the encouragement and kind words. I'm just so tired and want this pain to end, it's harder some days to just keep yourself from rolling back into that dang ball.

I am trying to do things to keep myself from going there, but I think I slip some times.

Today I move all the stuff to the curb, and then tomorrow I go to talk to a pastor...not sure what to expect there.

Thanks again guys, I will hopefully have more updates as time passes. :)

Have to cover this part, and make sure it's still accessible [just in case] but otherwise don't have to mess with it and they were able to link it all down to the bottom breaker. Now just to get it covered before my next shower, which kind of blows....I thought I'd surprise the neighbor by mowing her lawn and kind of regretting that now [will have to stink until then I guess]. :p

And lastly.......

I'm going to burn this, and if there's so much as a knob left after...I'm going to burn it again. :mad:
Well that has to be good news. You can just cover that with a peice of plywood and caulk the edges, just put a note on the door of the breaker box that there is a junction for circuit # ? above the shower behind the panel.
Yes, he said I could just put plywood or whatever over it.
Screw the plywood cover on and you are fine. If you nail it I don't think that is consider accessible.
Was pretty big accomplishment today....just 3 1/2 sides to go, so it's progress.

Just thought you guys might wanted to know, I don't plan to update site until next month. I try not to be annoying with it.

Anyhow, was a long day....plan to get to that shower cover tomorrow and have tree clean up from where they cleared space for the wire to go through.

PS Neighbors were back partying this past weekend. Sadly electrical won't solve that problem. :p
I’m not sure what code has to say about covering a J box with a piece of plywood and sealing it in with caulk. A waterproof J box isn’t a heck of a lot more money and I believe any inspector would view the location as a wet area according to code. I would suggest replacing the box with a waterproof box that would come flush with the drywall. then patch in the drywall and paint it and put the waterproof cover on and be done. There would never be a question as to what it was or where it was at down the road.

Maybe one of the pros will be along and tell us just what is to code.
bad neighbors,,if loud after 10 pm its again the law
before then, its legal, just obnoxious

I had a neighbor who was partying on a wednesday 12am. i stepped out in the back yard and fired a 12 gauge into the ground. LOL....the music stopped,,,and they scattered

I went back to bed
I thought that was what they were going to do Bud, but apparently it's on me and I personally, was not real confident about the plywood. It was covered by wood before and the water does splatter up there, along with just normal mist. I thought maybe some kind of plastic sheet drilled over it instead?

I don't know, guess I will hit the hardware store today and see what might be my options. I do know I would prefer not to have a box in there anymore, and a flat covering would be more appealing to me. If I can't find anything, I may have to do the plywood as a temporary solution [I do have some of that on hand].

Frodo, sounds like you aren't someone to mess with. lol But I could see that working [police would then be knocking on my door here]. Neighbor was gone last night, and for a VERY brief moment...I considered making the fire pit thingy vanish. Sigh, morals. :eek: If honest, they may get called on pits are illegal here, especially a open top one like they are using. It's 10 feet from my house, come on...seriously? :p
It's always good to illuminate a problem.
Friends had a problem with the drunks in the hot tup late every weekend. One neighbour was a lighting expert for rock bands and set up spot lights on four houses and rigged them to be noise activated. They made more noise and played with it for a half hour and then all went quiet and stayed that way for the most part. Now they are all friends and all laugh about it.
lol That's funny Neal...actually I've thought of things like that. Setting up a light that blinks annoyingly to voices that get so loud. But, I'm no good at that stuff, so we just have to live with it.

See if it just calms down over time. She's a mother in her 30s, hopefully it's just excitement of new home partying and she'll start to feel the effects of staying up all night drinking. :beer: